VCNB Can Make Your Holidays Brighter

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The holidays are supposed to be joyous but worries over money, fraud and time constraints can turn the happiest time of the year into an ordeal. Today we want to talk about some tools we offer to make your season brighter.

First of all, we think it’s important for you to know what’s happening with your money at all times. That’s why we give you a multitude of account alerts to help you know where your money is going, how much you have and even when payments are due. With Account Alerts, you can receive a text every time your debit card is used, when your balance falls below an amount of your choosing or when your loan payment is due. This is an easy way to stop fraud in its tracks because you’ll know when purchases are happening and be able to quickly spot any that aren’t yours.

Account alerts can be set up through your online banking account and are a free service. Click here to see the full list of account alerts. 

Along the lines of awareness and security, VCNB Mobile is another easy way to manage your money and your cards. With VCNB Mobile, you can monitor your transactions, transfer funds and pay bills on the go. You can also manage your VCNB debit cards with geographic and monetary spending limitations. Best of all, you can even turn your cards off and on, ensuring that they can only be used when you say it’s ok. Read more about this exciting feature of VCNB Mobile here.

With VCNB Mobile, you can also use the camera on your mobile device to deposit a check with Mobile Deposit. It might save you a trip to the bank which gives you more time for what’s important to you. And who couldn’t use more free time this holiday season?  Learn more about this free service here.

Speaking of being busy, there’s no busier time of year than the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. With all the shopping, baking, gift wrapping and cleaning, there is hardly time left for the family functions, work parties and tons of special events. Many of these activities call for a good bit of spending. Be it for groceries and gifts, travel expenses or dinners out, there is seemingly unlimited opportunity to spend money.

As long as you’re spending, we think you should be rewarded. That’s why we offer VCNB Rewards Checking customers and Visa Platinum credit card customers the opportunity to earn UChoose Rewards® Points for their daily purchases and bank behaviors. For example, Visa Platinum customers receive one point for every dollar spent using this card. These points can be redeemed for gift cards, event tickets, travel expenses and thousands of products.

Rewards Checking customers receive one point for every $3 spent using their debit card and bonus points for using bank products like direct deposit, Mobile Deposit and Popmoney® personal payment service. These points can be redeemed for cash back or for any of the great rewards offered to our credit card customers. If you already have Rewards Checking or a Visa Platinum card, remember that you must register your card at to begin earning rewards points.

One last thing – if you need to send someone cash, Popmoney is the way to go. Learn more here.

We wish all our customers a joyous holiday season and hope these products will simplify and brighten your holidays.

Make The Holidays Easier With VCNB

Tis the season for holiday giving and that means you’ll probably be doing a lot of spending. VCNB has a product called Popmoney® personal payment service that is perfect for the holidays and today we’re talking about three times it might come in handy for you!

This service allows you to send money to another person electronically. All you need is the mobile phone number or email address to send the funds and it’s easy for them to have it deposited into the bank account of their choice. Each transaction costs just .50 cents, making it an affordable, easy and relatively quick way to get money to another person. Popmoney can be used from our mobile app, VCNB Mobile or through Online Bill Pay so you can literally send funds at any time.

Shared Gift Giving – In a lot of workplaces, co-workers combine their resources to buy their boss a nicer gift. If you’re like a lot of Americans, you may not carry a lot of cash or your checkbook to work. Pay your share by sending your contribution electronically to the person collecting the funds.

Festive Meal With Friends – Your group is going out for dinner to celebrate but the restaurant requires a party of your size pay on one check. Don’t make your friend who’s footing the bill wait for your share! Just send them the funds via Popmoney, right there from the dinner table!

Last Minute Gift  – Forgot to buy a gift for someone on your list? No sweat! You can use Popmoney to send them cash, along with a holiday greeting!

Remember, you can also use Popmoney to request funds! Say you’re in charge of buying mom and dad’s gift from you and your siblings. Let your brothers and sisters know how much they owe by sending a request via Popmoney. They can respond to that request directly, and send the money right back to you. No muss, no fuss and no excuse for your baby brother not to pay his share!

How might you use Popmoney this holiday season? Tell us in the comments section below!

Banking For College Students

If you’re headed off to college this fall, you’ve probably signed up for your classes, picked up supplies for your dorm room and are packing up to leave soon. But have you thought about how to manage your money or how to get money from home?

Electronic banking has done wonders for us all, making it easier to manage our money and even to receive money from others. Here are some VCNB products that will make your financial life better:

Checking Account
Everyone needs a checking account. Even if you don’t have a job or a lot of money to manage, a checking account is the best way to handle the funds you have. A Checking My Way or Rewards Checking account are great options for most young adults. Click here and select “Checking Accounts” to learn about these accounts and to open online!

VCNB Mobile/Online Banking
teenager laptop cell phone headphones.jpgYou may be far from home but we offer two convenient tools for accessing your money 24/7 from anywhere your smartphone or computer works. Login to your accounts at or with VCNB Mobile, our easy to use mobile app. Here you can check balances, transfer funds, pay bills and a deposit a check with Mobile Deposit. You can also access Popmoney® personal payment service. Not sure what all this means? Keep reading. We’ll explain!

With online and mobile banking, you can transfer funds between your accounts. Say you saved all your graduation cash in your savings account but need some to buy a textbook or pay for a movie ticket. You can easily and quickly transfer the funds into the account where you need them. It’s easy and a free service.

Account Alerts
Since this is your first time managing money on your own, it’s a good idea to keep a sharp eye on what you’re doing. You can set up account alerts to tell you when your balance falls below a certain amount of money, when your debit card has been used to make a purchase and when a deposit is made to your account among other things. There are nineteen different types of account alerts,  each of which can be sent via text or email free of charge.

Popmoney® personal payment service allows you to securely send and receive money quickly, using just the recipient’s email or mobile phone number and your own VCNB checking or savings account. A lot of our customers use it to pay back friends and family or to send gifts. We also have many parents and grandparents who use it to send money to their college students who are always grateful for the extra cash! There is a fee of .50 per transaction and you can learn more about it here.

Reloadable Card
A Reloadable Mastercard© is a good option for those who do not qualify for a traditional checking or who don’t want one for fear of accidental overdraft. This card is accepted anywhere that takes Mastercard but is loaded for a specific amount of money. Once it’s spent, it’s gone and there is no risk of overdrawing an account. Funds can be directed deposited or be added as you wish. Reloadable cards are great for college students as parents are able to deposit money as needed. You must be 18 years of age to purchase and there is a $5.99 purchase fee and other fees related to reloading and maintaining this card. Click here for complete details including fees.

At VCNB we are excited to see young people venture out on their own and will be glad to help you get started by answering questions and setting you up with VCNB accounts and other products. Give us a call or stop by our office to talk to an experienced account representative today!



Have you tried VCNB Mobile?

Have you tried VCNB Mobile? We’ve had a mobile app for some time now but introduced a new and improved app earlier this year. We couldn’t be happier with how easy the app is to use or how customers are reacting to it.

With VCNB Mobile, you will find streamline access to your account information, literally at the tip of your fingers. Once you login, you can view account balances, transfer funds, send funds with Popmoney® Personal Payment Service and pay bills with Online Bill Pay. You can also deposit checks using mobile deposit.

No matter where you go in the world, if you have a mobile device with data or internet service, you can bank with VCNB. Popmoney to your buddy from the movie theater line, transfer funds from the breakfast table and deposit a check on a rainy Monday when you just don’t feel like going to the bank.

It’s easy, quick and convenient.

Ready to get started?

To install VCNB Mobile, visit your phone or tablet’s app store and download VCNB Mobile. When prompted, enter your online banking username and then answer the online banking security questions you set when you registered for online banking. Then enter your Online Banking password! It’s easy and quick to get started and simple to use!

Want to learn about more VCNB products and the things we can do for you? Click here to get started!

Back to School Time With Popmoney®

Let’s face it. Back to School time is expensive and it’s busy. Between school functions, extracurricular sports and the flurry of other activities that occur in the fall, most of us are on the go all the time. While debit and credit card usage is on the rise, many of our customers find themselves without cash – sometimes when they need it most.

That’s where Popmoney® Personal Payment Service can come in handy. This service allows customers to send funds to other people using just their mobile phone number or email address.

Popmoney No BackgroundThat’s right. You don’t need their bank account information to send funds. You don’t have to stop at the bank or the ATM. Just login to your bank account via online banking or our mobile banking app to get started.

Just think how useful it could be if you are sharing a bill with someone or if you owe money to a friend. It’s Saturday night and you’re having pizza out with friends. Instead of making your poor waiter split the bill five ways, have one person pay and everyone else can just reimburse the buyer by sending the money via Popmoney!

Your neighbor is replacing their like new kitchen table and is offering you first dibs for a good price. You don’t have the cash on you but you can send them the money right from their living room with just a few clicks on your phone.

Your niece is away at college and is always desperate for spending money. You take pity on her and want to give her a little extra but want to do it more quickly than sending a check in the mail. If you send it via Popmoney she can have it before the leftover pizza is gone.

Whether you are sending or receiving money, Popmoney is easy to use. It does cost .50 per transaction to send money but it’s free to receive. If you have a Rewards Checking account with VCNB you can earn a few rewards points when you use Popmoney.

To get started with Popmoney, just sign in to your online or mobile bank account. Click on Online Bill Pay and look for the Popmoney tab.

Earning Rewards With Rewards Checking

Lots of our customers are signing up for Rewards Checking and are excited to find ways to earn points with UChoose Rewards®. Here are a few ways points can be earned.

Swipe your card(s)
Receive one point for every $3 spent with your debit card. Have a VCNB Platinum Visa® Favor Credit Card? Earn one point for every dollar spent when you swipe this card.

Direct Deposit
You’re receiving a paycheck anyway. Now you can earn ten points for one direct deposit per monthly cycle.

Swipe your debit card more
Swipe your debit card 21 or more times during a monthly cycle and receive 200 bonus points! Earning points was never so easy.

Online Bill Pay
Pay bills with VCNB Online Bill Pay to earn even more! Receive twenty points per transaction and receive up to 100 points per monthly cycle simply for paying your bills. Just remember, if you sign up for Bill Pay, you must make at least one payment during the calendar month or you will be assessed a $3 fee.

Popmoney ® Personal Payment Service
Send money to someone with Popmoney® and earn 50 points per transaction. You can earn up to 200 points just using this service you may already be using. At .50 per transaction to use Popmoney®, it’s cheaper than mailing a check!

New Savings Account
Receive a 1,000 point one-time bonus at the time of account opening when you open a new savings account.

One more thing. We will reward your loyalty to VCNB with 500 Anniversary rewards points. This will happen every year for the life of the account! Also be sure to check in with us periodically – we may offer future promotions for loan accounts.
Don’t have Rewards Checking? Learn more about this account here. Have an account but still need to sign up for UChoose Rewards? Click here to get started.


Simplify Money Management With VCNB

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week. That sounds nice but sometimes simplification is the hardest thing you can do. Between work and family, it often feels like a struggle to just keep everyone fed and on time for school.

Since much of your life hinges on money – paying bills on time, buying groceries, saving money and the piece of mind that comes with knowing these things are done – we want to give you a quick overview of how you can simplify your money.

If you’re a VCNB customer, you have access to several of things that will make your life easier thanks to Online Banking and VCNB Mobile. Accessing accounts electronically really is a lifesaver for a lot of our customers. Need to save money? You can automate it and forget it. Have trouble paying bills on time? You can automate those too! Do you sometimes overdraw your checking account? Get a balance alert via text or email when you go below a certain balance!

Here are some features that will simplify your life:

Save Money
Experts say you should save ten to fifteen percent of your income toward retirement. They also recommend having an emergency fund to help with life’s little surprises. But are you actually saving? Schedule on-demand transfers from your checking to your savings. Better yet, set up automatic transfers to ensure it is done regularly. Automatic transfers can be scheduled for any amount on any day of the month. Just set it up once and watch your balance grow!

Think you won’t be able to leave your savings alone? A lot of our customers use Christmas Club accounts as a means to save. Regular transfers are made from your checking or savings account into a Christmas Club account. Since there is a $20 fee to access those funds before the Christmas Club cycle finishes, most customers successfully reach their savings goal.

Track Money
Do you sometimes overdraw your account? Wonder if your direct deposit hit your account? Forget to make a loan payment? Set up account alerts for these things and more. There are nineteen different account alerts that can be sent via text or email. If you need a gentle reminder that your car payment is due or if you want to know that a check cleared, we will let you know!

Do you have a lot of plastic in your wallet? Between credit cards and store rewards cards, most Americans are carrying a lot of plastic. You can personalize your VCNB debit card to make it easy to find. Upload your own picture or use one of ours for a $5 annual fee! Locating your debit card has never been simpler!

Pay Bills and Spend
It’s a fact of life. Busy people often pay bills late. Whether it’s a lack of time or stamps, or simple forgetfulness, it’s easy to incur a late fee. Streamline your bills with Online Bill Pay. You can put your payments on autopilot and schedule them to pay the same day every month or you can manually schedule payments as needed. Either way, the service is free as long as you use it at least once a month. Otherwise, there is a $3 monthly fee.

If you use Online Bill Pay, you also have access to Popmoney ® personal payment service. Popmoney allows you to send money to anyone with just their email or mobile phone number. Best of all, other people can send you money too! So the next time you split the cost of a gift for your boss you can just send your share via Popmoney. If you buy concert tickets for the gang, they all can send your share to you! The cost is .50 per transaction for the person who sends the funds.

Save Time
Online and on your mobile device, you can save yourself time by checking balances, paying bills and keeping things straight. But did you know you can also save yourself a trip to the bank? Use our mobile app to deposit a check for just .50! You can do this by logging into your mobile account and taking a picture of the front and back of the check. CLICK HERE for complete instructions and details. (W/LINK TO WEBSITE)

Still write checks? You can reorder those online as well!

Keep Us Close
Keep us close – on your computer, on your mobile device, in branch or over the phone. You can also chat with our Customer Service Department during business hours. Just visit our website and click the Green Chat Now button to start a conversation!

Phew! That’s a long list! How do you use VCNB to simplify your life? Tell us in the comments section!

Five Ways to Use Popmoney ® this month

If you aren’t already a Popmoney ® convert, December is the perfect month to give it a whirl. With all the shopping, gift giving, eating out and all around festive fun that happens at every turn during the holidays, there are plenty of times you need to repay someone (or hope they will repay you!) all month long.

At .50 cents per transaction, the Popmoney personal payment service allows you to send money quickly for a lot less than it costs to send a check in the mail. It’s also faster than going to the ATM or the bank for cash. Don’t believe us? Here are five ways you could use Popmoney this month.

Split the cost for the boss’ gift – Your co-worker picked up a gift and now you need to pay your share. Too bad you don’t have any cash, right? Wrong. Armed with only your co-worker’s email address or mobile phone number, you can repay her today in just a few simple steps. By logging in to your VCNB Online Banking, you can type in her name, the amount you wish to send and her email address or phone number. She will receive a text or email with instructions for claiming her funds.

Send a gift – Your nephews in California are teenagers now and you have no idea what to get them. What kind of kid doesn’t like cash? Just send them a monetary gift via Popmoney and wait for the thank you text!

Dinner out – Some restaurants will not break up the check for a large party. So when your entire extended family goes out for dinner this weekend, you break out your credit card to cover the entire bill. But you don’t have to wait and hope everyone remembers to pay you. Just send a request for funds via Popmoney! They will get a text or email instructing them to pay you back. With a few easy steps they can whip out their mobile phone and do it right there at the table or can log in to the computer when they get home.

Buying tickets – You’re going with a group of friends to a bowl game this year. So if you want to sit together, one person will buy the tickets. Don’t make them ask twice for your share of the tickets. Just send them funds via Popmoney — and smile because you didn’t make your friend wait until you hit the ATM.

Help your kids at college – If your kids are away at college, chances are they are strapped for cash. If they’re coming home for the holiday, send some cash to help with the trip home. Or use it any day of the year to get them the money they need for books and pizza!

How many ways will you use Popmoney this month? Tell us in the comments section below!


Be entered to win for using Popmoney ® payment service

Have you used Popmoney ® personal payment service yet? There are countless ways to use it and right now there are lots of opportunities to win a prize just for using it.

That’s because Popmoney will enter you in a daily drawing to win $100 a day when you use the service to pay someone!

Popmoney is a convenient tool available through VCNB Online Bill Pay. While Bill Pay allows you to pay bills to companies like your credit card or cell phone providers or to your doctor’s office, Popmoney allows you to electronically send money to individuals like your friends and family.

All you need is the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address. They will receive a text or email instructing them how to claim their funds to their bank account.

So the next time you’re out on the town and need to repay a friend for a movie ticket, don’t hit the ATM, send the funds using Popmoney and you will be entered in the $100 a day drawing. The next time your son at college needs a few bucks or you want to send a last minute birthday gift to your grandaughter you can do it quickly and inexpensively and have a chance at that daily prize.

Popmoney is available through VCNB Bill Pay which you can access through your online banking. At .50 per transaction, sending money through Popmoney is quicker, safer and more cost effective than sending a check through the mail.

So what are you waiting for? Login to your VCNB account today to get started!

Click here to Read Terms and Conditions.

Count the ways you can use Popmoney®

Have you used Popmoney ® personal payment service at VCNB yet? Do you know what it is?

Popmoney is a way that you can send money to someone electronically. All you need is that person’s email address or mobile phone number. If you are a Bill Pay customer at VCNB, you have access to Popmoney for just .50 cents per transaction.


Owe your roomate for rent this month? No need to write a check or hit the ATM – just use Popmoney® personal payment service.

There are countless ways you can use this service. Here are just a few!

  1. Gifts – Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday? Maybe you have a nephew graduating college? Send a monetary gift with an e-card through Popmoney at VCNB!
  2. Basketball with friends – One of our employees went to a game with friends but for the group’s tickets to be together, one person had to put it on their card. All the friends just sent the funds through Popmoney. And if you’re the person who shells out the cash for tickets, you can send a reminder to your friends for the amount they owe!
  3. Dinner out with family – Some restaurants won’t split checks for large groups. Make it easy on yourself and let one person put down their plastic while you just use Popmoney to send your share to them.
  4. Kids at college – Kids who are away at college are notoriously short on funds. Help out your child or grandkid by sending them a little extra money!
  5. Monday Night Football – The gang is all together for Monday Night Football. That means pizza and wings and drinks for everyone! If someone forgot to hit the ATM on the way, they can just send funds through Popmoney.
  6. Flowers for the Boss – It’s your boss’ birthday and you know she loves roses. Invite your co-workers to pitch in a few bucks and ask them to send it via Popmoney!
  7. Rent money –Set up a Popmoney transaction to send your share of the rent to your roommate on the same day and for the same amount each month.
  8. Gas money on a trip – Taking a road trip with an old friend? Splitting the cost of gas is easy with Popmoney. You can schedule the funds on your smart phone while you travel down the highway.
  9. Neighborly help – Your kids are sick and you’re out of everything at home.  You’re low on cash and can’t get to the bank. If your neighbor offers to pick up some milk, bread and soup for you, just use Popmoney to reimburse them.
  10. When you just don’t have cash – Let’s face it – sometimes you just don’t have cash. Popmoney is a great way to payback someone or send funds when you’re low on cash.

There are lots of ways to use Popmoney. Learn more by visiting our website.