Back to School Time With Popmoney®

Let’s face it. Back to School time is expensive and it’s busy. Between school functions, extracurricular sports and the flurry of other activities that occur in the fall, most of us are on the go all the time. While debit and credit card usage is on the rise, many of our customers find themselves without cash – sometimes when they need it most.

That’s where Popmoney® Personal Payment Service can come in handy. This service allows customers to send funds to other people using just their mobile phone number or email address.

Popmoney No BackgroundThat’s right. You don’t need their bank account information to send funds. You don’t have to stop at the bank or the ATM. Just login to your bank account via online banking or our mobile banking app to get started.

Just think how useful it could be if you are sharing a bill with someone or if you owe money to a friend. It’s Saturday night and you’re having pizza out with friends. Instead of making your poor waiter split the bill five ways, have one person pay and everyone else can just reimburse the buyer by sending the money via Popmoney!

Your neighbor is replacing their like new kitchen table and is offering you first dibs for a good price. You don’t have the cash on you but you can send them the money right from their living room with just a few clicks on your phone.

Your niece is away at college and is always desperate for spending money. You take pity on her and want to give her a little extra but want to do it more quickly than sending a check in the mail. If you send it via Popmoney she can have it before the leftover pizza is gone.

Whether you are sending or receiving money, Popmoney is easy to use. It does cost .50 per transaction to send money but it’s free to receive. If you have a Rewards Checking account with VCNB you can earn a few rewards points when you use Popmoney.

To get started with Popmoney, just sign in to your online or mobile bank account. Click on Online Bill Pay and look for the Popmoney tab.

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