Be entered to win for using Popmoney ® payment service

Have you used Popmoney ® personal payment service yet? There are countless ways to use it and right now there are lots of opportunities to win a prize just for using it.

That’s because Popmoney will enter you in a daily drawing to win $100 a day when you use the service to pay someone!

Popmoney is a convenient tool available through VCNB Online Bill Pay. While Bill Pay allows you to pay bills to companies like your credit card or cell phone providers or to your doctor’s office, Popmoney allows you to electronically send money to individuals like your friends and family.

All you need is the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address. They will receive a text or email instructing them how to claim their funds to their bank account.

So the next time you’re out on the town and need to repay a friend for a movie ticket, don’t hit the ATM, send the funds using Popmoney and you will be entered in the $100 a day drawing. The next time your son at college needs a few bucks or you want to send a last minute birthday gift to your grandaughter you can do it quickly and inexpensively and have a chance at that daily prize.

Popmoney is available through VCNB Bill Pay which you can access through your online banking. At .50 per transaction, sending money through Popmoney is quicker, safer and more cost effective than sending a check through the mail.

So what are you waiting for? Login to your VCNB account today to get started!

Click here to Read Terms and Conditions.

Rev Up Your Road Trip With A New Account At VCNB

300x300 Telegram online VCNBAre you thinking about opening a new checking account? Now may be the time. We are currently offering a $150 bonus for anyone who opens a Checking My Way account online.

Why open a Checking My Way Account? Besides the fact we are offering you a bonus to open, this account is flexible and offers you choices to help make it your own.

With Checking My Way, there is no minimum balance required and there are no fees for electronic statements. If you would like to have a paper statement mailed to you each month, the cost is $3 per month without check images and $5 per month with check images.

All VCNB accounts provide customers with free Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking, allowing access while at home or on the go. Mobile Deposit will give you the option of depositing a check by taking a picture of it with your mobile phone.

We think this account has many great options and may be a good fit for you. Right now we are offering an online special for Checking My Way. Through our Rev Up Your Summer Road Trip special, if you open a Checking My Way Account online you will receive $100. Sign up for direct deposit and receive an additional $50.

Some limitations apply and a one hundred dollar deposit is required at account opening. To learn more, see the rules pictured below or click on this link to get started.

Terms and Conditions for Rev Up Your Road Trip UPDATED May 13


Introducing New Popmoney® Features


Every time we think our Popmoney ® personal payment service can’t get any better….it does. All along we thought it was pretty great that you can send money to a person with only their email address or mobile phone number with Popmoney at VCNB.

Now you can also request funds from someone!

Say your roommate owes you for their half of the rent. You can enter his email address and send a note along with the request for funds. If you are out with friends and splitting the dinner bill, you can use just their mobile phone numbers to ask for their share of the bill.

When they send the funds, the money will be deposited in your checking or savings account, saving them from writing a check or handing over cash and you from making a trip to the bank.

It is incredibly easy to do from your computer or mobile device.

– From the Popmoney® window of Online Banking, click on “Request Money.”

– If it is someone who is already in your contacts list, just select them from the list. If it’s a new person, add their name along with either their mobile phone number or email address.

– Enter a fixed amount or leave the amount open so they can decide how much to send.

– State a purpose for the request

– Select the savings or checking account where you want the money to be deposited.

– Click next to review your request before hitting submit.

The recipient will be notified via text or email that they have funds waiting to be retrieved. They will follow a link, enter their bank account information and the funds will be deposited.

Please note that if the person answers the request and sends you money, there is a .75 per transaction fee deducted from the amount they send to you. In other words, if you request $20.00, only $19.25 will actually be deposited to your account.

The other big change released just this month is that you can now make same day payments. For a $9.95 fee, money can be sent and received on the same day. As always, you can make a regular payment for a .50 cent per transaction fee.

Want to learn more about Popmoney? Check out this post or visit our website.   Standard text message and data rates apply.

Talk To Your Teens About Money

Last week we talked about teaching young children about saving and managing money. It tends to be easy when they’re little because you can just tell a young child that saving money is important and that they must do it. But what about your teenagers? They are still kids but are nearing adulthood and all the financial decisions that come with it.

Here are five topics to start with!

Talk About Credit – Teach your kids the difference between good credit and bad credit. Talk to them about the difference between borrowing responsibly to buy a house and spending wildly with a credit card. They will soon be bombarded with offers for shiny new credit cards with enticing offers. Talk to them about how to use credit cards wisely – spend only what they can really afford, pay off the balance every month and pay on time.

Teach teens to use technology for banking, monitoring their credit score and even budgeting!

Teach teens to use technology for banking, monitoring their credit score and even budgeting!

Budgeting – Does your teen have an after school job or an allowance? Talk to them about how to budget those funds and plan for the future. Are they saving for college or for a new car? Are they blowing all their money on new music and fast food? Help them set up a budget for their money by identifying their expenses and savings needs. Then list their income and help them prioritize how to spend and save that income.

Daily Tasks – Involve your teens in household tasks that involve financial decision making. Teach them how to write a check and how to balance a checkbook. Show them around your online bank account, let them schedule your bills through Online Bill Pay and talk about the expensive damage caused by late payments. Take them grocery shopping and explain why you buy the cereal that’s on sale and why you typically buy ground beef instead of steak. Teach them the basic daily skills they will need to survive adulthood.

Pay Yourself First – Talk to them about saving money and why it’s important. Teach them to make it a priority to save a little bit from their allowance or their paycheck every single week. “Pay yourself first” is a powerful mantra that will make saving automatic. Just ten percent can add up quickly and can build a nice nest egg for emergencies, a down payment for a car or living expenses for their college years.

Credit Scores – Talk to your teens about the correlation between a credit score and spending habits. Talk to them about how their credit score will impact their borrowing ability in the future. Carrying an excessive credit card balance and paying bills late now and then may not seem like a big deal to a teenager. But these behaviors will affect their borrowing ability, determine future loan rates, affect their ability to rent an apartment or insure a car and ultimately affect the affordability of these things they need and want as adults. Reinforce the idea that paying bills on time, paying off credit cards every month and making good financial decisions will increase their credit score.


35 Ways To Save Some Dollars

While it’s tempting to look for big ways to save money, don’t discount the small things you can do to save a few dollars that will ultimately add up to big dollars. Here are 35 small things you can do, simple behavior changes, that can help you stretch your hard earned cash a little further.

Little changes can save big money over time!

Little changes can save big money over time!

1.  Pay bills on time to avoid late fees and interest charges.2.  Mom was right. Turn off the lights when no one is using the room.

3.   Swap sugary drinks for water. It’s free and it’s good for you!

4.  Use Billpay at VCNB! This service is free to online banking customers as long as you use it at least once a month. You just schedule your payment and we take care of the rest. There’s no stamp to buy or envelope to lick, making it convenient and easy to use

5.  Skip the drive thru and make your coffee at home. Along those lines, carry a reusable water bottle when you travel. It will save you money and help the environment.

6.  Sign up for rewards programs at stores you frequent. Grocers and pharmacies will often give you coupons for discounts or even free merchandise.

7.  Try the store brands of your favorite foods. Often times, the packaging looks different and the price is higher but the contents are the same as the name brand.

8.  Share music, books and movies with a friend. It’s a great way to introduce each other to new artists.

9.  Remember it’s usually cheaper to cook for your family than to pick up fast food. Stock your freezer with some convenience meals for those nights you’re tempted to order takeout.

10.  Cancel memberships and subscriptions that you don’t use. There’s no sense paying for a magazine that you don’t read or a gym membership if you never go.

11.  Skip the vending machine and try bringing snacks from home.

12.  Jazz up leftovers to avoid wasting food.  There are a lot of websites and blogs dedicated to cooking and some to reinventing leftovers. See number 16 another great idea for leftovers!

13.  Improve gas mileage by airing up your tires. Experts say that for every two PSI that all of your tires are below the recommended level, you lose one percent on your gas mileage.

14.  Try your hand at Meatless Monday. There are tons of great casseroles and soups that are delicious and inexpensive to make because they don’t use meat.

15.  Plug your electronic devices into a surge protector.  All those cords for your TV, DVD player and gaming devices have to plug in somewhere. Many people don’t realize that they continue to use power even when turned off so be sure to flip the switch when they aren’t in use.

16.  Pack your lunch and save a bundle every month. By bringing leftovers or a sandwich from home, you can eat a healthier lunch and save money. If you typically spend just $5 a day on lunch, at five days a week for four weeks, you can save $100 a month!

17.  Close the blinds or drapes during the day to keep light and heat from coming in during the summer. The extra heat will make your air conditioner work harder in the summer. On the other hand, open them up to let in sunshine to help with winter heating.

18.  When conditions are appropriate, use cruise control to regulate your speed and improve your gas mileage.

19.  Another great way to save on gas is to combine errands into one trip.  If some stops are close together, park your car and walk a bit. Since walking is good for your health there’s an added benefit!

20.  Going to the movies? Check out the matinee instead of the evening show. Ticket prices at some theaters are significantly cheaper earlier in the day and theaters are less crowded.

21.  Kick your vices to the curb. Whether it’s smoking or a daily run to the ice cream shop, these habits can be expensive and bad for your health.

22.  Do you shop when you’re bored? Why not play a game with your kids, take a walk or check out a community event instead?

23.  Check out your local library for all sorts of free resources. You might be surprised to find so many new release books and movies as well as magazines, free events and things for the kids to enjoy.

24.  Ask your physician to consider prescribing generic drugs. Generic drugs can cost several hundred dollars less to purchase annually than brand-name drugs.

25.  Lower the thermostat on your hot water heater just a few degrees to save a lot of dollars each year.

26.  Plan ahead for holidays. Buying cards, wrapping paper and gift bags after Christmas can save you 50 to 75 percent on these needed items. But you can also find cupcake wrappers, cards and decorations deeply discounted after every holiday throughout the year.

27.  Repair (or work around) before you pitch. Don’t toss out that blouse because it needs a button or that vase because it has a chip in the side. Learn to sew that button back on and how to turn the vase so no one sees the flaw!

28.  Buy produce that’s in season. It will taste better and save you dollars. If you find a great deal on berries, buy extra to freeze for later and enjoy the flavor of the season for less.

29.  Make sure that your drapes and furniture don’t block heating and cooling vents.

30.  Unplug your cell phone charger when it isn’t in use.

31.  Leave the thermostat alone. If you’re cold, put on a sweater or get up and move around.

32.  Open the windows! If the outside temperature is moderate, open the windows and let the breeze and sunshine in. It will save on your electric bill and help to air out your home.

33.  Carpool to work. Make friends with a coworker in your neighborhood and take turns driving. You will save wear and tear on your vehicle and on fuel. Plus you will have company along the way!

34.   Have a spill that’s not too messy? Use a dish towel instead of a paper towel. The expense of disposable products adds up quickly.

35.  Plan your week. Don’t wake up every day wondering what your kid will take for lunch. Create a meal plan and shop for it and prepare meals and pack leftovers into your lunch the night before. Also remember to plan for what tomorrow will bring. If your daughter has soccer practice, pack some snacks so you don’t have to swing into the drive thru.

Do you have other tips for saving money in your everyday life? We would love to hear them! Post a comment below and remember also to subscribe so you never miss a post from VCNB.

Checking My Way: Flexible and Easy

Have you heard about our Checking May Way account? We really like the flexibility and options this account provides!

With Checking My Way, there is no minimum balance required and there are no fees for electronic statements. If you would like to have a paper statement mailed to you each month, the cost is $3 per month without check images and $5 per month with check images.

Checking My WayThe account comes with a standard debit card but for a $5 fee that can be upgraded to a vanity debit card.

Free Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking will help you to stay connect on the go and from anywhere you have internet access. Plus, Account Alerts can help you stay in the know about what’s happening with your account with various kinds of transactions.

Another great feature is Mobile Deposit which is available with our Touch Banking app. This allows Checking My Way customers to deposit a check by taking a picture of it with their mobile phone.

This is a terrific account for people of all ages and for anyone looking for an account that allows them choice in features. Are you ready to sign up? Click here to open your account online today! We also welcome you into our 13 branches to sit down with a New Accounts Representative and receive the personal service you deserve.

Top Ten Reasons You Will LOVE Bill Pay at VCNB

We love Bill Pay and are certain that you will too. In case you don’t want to take our word on that, we put together a list of the top ten reasons we think you will agree!

Cost Savings. That’s right. Bill Pay will save you money. How much money do you spend on stamps and checks each month? It adds up quickly over the year and the cost of postage continues to increase.

2  Peace of Mind.  Using our secure website to pay bills is safer than sending a check in the mail. Plus, email reminders can help you never miss a due date again!

3  Schedule Payments to Suit Your Needs.  If you get a one-time bill from the doctor you can schedule a single payment for that bill. However, if your car insurance is always $104 a month, you can schedule that payment for the same amount on the same day every month for a period of months or for an ongoing period of time.

4  Eliminate Paper Clutter.  Save the environment and receive E-bills through Bill Pay. Many companies can send you an electronic bill each month that goes straight to your Bill Pay account. From your account you can review, print and sometimes download your e-bills. And, of course, you can pay those bills with Bill Pay.

5  One word: Popmoney ®.   We really, really, really love Popmoney ® personal payment service because it allows you to send money to an individual using only their email or mobile phone number.  So if you owe your roommate for rent or a friend for dinner, this is an easy and quick way to send them funds. It costs .50 cents per transaction for you to send and nothing for them to receive!

6  Pay bills anytime, anywhere.  Do you work a lot? Have little ones who you hate to drag into the post office to buy stamps? It’s ok. You can schedule Bill Pay transactions from anywhere at anytime using Online Banking or Mobile banking.

7  No monthly limit.  With Bill Pay, it doesn’t matter if you pay one bill per month or twenty bills per month. There is no maximum limit on the number of transaction. There is a minimum requirement of one transaction every thirty days to avoid a $3 dormancy fee. But we are certain you will love it so much that dormancy will not be a problem.

8  It will save you time. Think of the time you will save when you don’t have to track down stamps, write checks, lick the envelopes and get the bills into the mail on time! Bill Pay takes care of all that for you!

9   It’s Easy!  It takes just a minute to enter account information for each bill you pay. Once that information is added, it will remain in your Bill Pay account until you delete it. That means you will only need to click on the payee, add the amount you wish to pay and the date you want them to receive the funds.  It’s as simple as one, two, three!

10   It’s FREE!  You read that correctly! You get an easy-to-use, time saving tool that helps you organize your bills while saving money. . . and it’s FREE to use every month!

Want to learn more? Click here to read more about internet banking and Bill Pay!


Simplify Your Money on the Go

What if we told you there was a way to automate your finances, deposit a check and pay bills without picking up a pen or buying a stamp? What if we told you these services are available to all of our online and mobile banking customers?

These services are available any time of the day or night when you have internet or mobile phone access. From home, from the office or from your poolside vacation, if you have internet or phone service, you have the ability to manage your money at VCNB!

Mobile Deposit and Mobile Money – You can deposit a check, schedule bill pay, chSon And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Checkeck account balances and more using your smart phone at VCNB! Just download our Touch Banking mobile app and login to your account to get started. One of our newest services, Mobile Deposit, allows you to deposit a check with your smart phone. It’s as easy as taking a picture! There is a .50 cent per transaction fee. Also, you must endorse the check with your name and the phrase “For Mobile Deposit Only.”

Learn more about mobile deposit and mobile banking here!

Bill Pay – Have a fistful of bills and no stamps? No worries. Bill Pay allows you to schedule a single payment or ongoing payments for bills like utilities, the dentist and credit card. There is a $3 a month dormancy fee if you don’t use the service every 30 days but we believe you will fall in love with the convenience and cost savings and use it for all your bills. Think of the money you will save on stamps, checks and envelopes over a year!

Popmoney – Do you owe money to a friend or relative? You can use Popmoney ® personal payment service from VCNB Bill Pay to send them funds using just their email address or mobile phone number. There is a .50 cent fee for each transaction. Watch this video to learn more about Popmoney and Bill Pay!

Scheduled Transfers – Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to build your emergency savings but you’re not doing so great remembering to save the funds? Automate the process by setting up scheduled transfers from your checking to your savings! You can also schedule a single transfer at your convenience.

Account Alerts – Want to know when a check clears or when there’s a debit card transaction involving your card? Do you need a reminder when your mortgage is due or when funds are getting low in your account? Set up account alerts for free! You can receive requested alerts by text or by email.

We love to see our customers in our bank lobbies but understand that life is busy and you don’t always have time to come to the bank. Banking on the go will help you stay on top of your money anywhere, anytime! Visit us at to open an account, chat with customer service and learn more about all of these services today!

VCNB is Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Standard data and messaging rates may apply to mobile services.