Count the ways you can use Popmoney®

Have you used Popmoney ® personal payment service at VCNB yet? Do you know what it is?

Popmoney is a way that you can send money to someone electronically. All you need is that person’s email address or mobile phone number. If you are a Bill Pay customer at VCNB, you have access to Popmoney for just .50 cents per transaction.


Owe your roomate for rent this month? No need to write a check or hit the ATM – just use Popmoney® personal payment service.

There are countless ways you can use this service. Here are just a few!

  1. Gifts – Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday? Maybe you have a nephew graduating college? Send a monetary gift with an e-card through Popmoney at VCNB!
  2. Basketball with friends – One of our employees went to a game with friends but for the group’s tickets to be together, one person had to put it on their card. All the friends just sent the funds through Popmoney. And if you’re the person who shells out the cash for tickets, you can send a reminder to your friends for the amount they owe!
  3. Dinner out with family – Some restaurants won’t split checks for large groups. Make it easy on yourself and let one person put down their plastic while you just use Popmoney to send your share to them.
  4. Kids at college – Kids who are away at college are notoriously short on funds. Help out your child or grandkid by sending them a little extra money!
  5. Monday Night Football – The gang is all together for Monday Night Football. That means pizza and wings and drinks for everyone! If someone forgot to hit the ATM on the way, they can just send funds through Popmoney.
  6. Flowers for the Boss – It’s your boss’ birthday and you know she loves roses. Invite your co-workers to pitch in a few bucks and ask them to send it via Popmoney!
  7. Rent money –Set up a Popmoney transaction to send your share of the rent to your roommate on the same day and for the same amount each month.
  8. Gas money on a trip – Taking a road trip with an old friend? Splitting the cost of gas is easy with Popmoney. You can schedule the funds on your smart phone while you travel down the highway.
  9. Neighborly help – Your kids are sick and you’re out of everything at home.  You’re low on cash and can’t get to the bank. If your neighbor offers to pick up some milk, bread and soup for you, just use Popmoney to reimburse them.
  10. When you just don’t have cash – Let’s face it – sometimes you just don’t have cash. Popmoney is a great way to payback someone or send funds when you’re low on cash.

There are lots of ways to use Popmoney. Learn more by visiting our website.


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