Simplify Money Management With VCNB

This week is National Simplify Your Life Week. That sounds nice but sometimes simplification is the hardest thing you can do. Between work and family, it often feels like a struggle to just keep everyone fed and on time for school.

Since much of your life hinges on money – paying bills on time, buying groceries, saving money and the piece of mind that comes with knowing these things are done – we want to give you a quick overview of how you can simplify your money.

If you’re a VCNB customer, you have access to several of things that will make your life easier thanks to Online Banking and VCNB Mobile. Accessing accounts electronically really is a lifesaver for a lot of our customers. Need to save money? You can automate it and forget it. Have trouble paying bills on time? You can automate those too! Do you sometimes overdraw your checking account? Get a balance alert via text or email when you go below a certain balance!

Here are some features that will simplify your life:

Save Money
Experts say you should save ten to fifteen percent of your income toward retirement. They also recommend having an emergency fund to help with life’s little surprises. But are you actually saving? Schedule on-demand transfers from your checking to your savings. Better yet, set up automatic transfers to ensure it is done regularly. Automatic transfers can be scheduled for any amount on any day of the month. Just set it up once and watch your balance grow!

Think you won’t be able to leave your savings alone? A lot of our customers use Christmas Club accounts as a means to save. Regular transfers are made from your checking or savings account into a Christmas Club account. Since there is a $20 fee to access those funds before the Christmas Club cycle finishes, most customers successfully reach their savings goal.

Track Money
Do you sometimes overdraw your account? Wonder if your direct deposit hit your account? Forget to make a loan payment? Set up account alerts for these things and more. There are nineteen different account alerts that can be sent via text or email. If you need a gentle reminder that your car payment is due or if you want to know that a check cleared, we will let you know!

Do you have a lot of plastic in your wallet? Between credit cards and store rewards cards, most Americans are carrying a lot of plastic. You can personalize your VCNB debit card to make it easy to find. Upload your own picture or use one of ours for a $5 annual fee! Locating your debit card has never been simpler!

Pay Bills and Spend
It’s a fact of life. Busy people often pay bills late. Whether it’s a lack of time or stamps, or simple forgetfulness, it’s easy to incur a late fee. Streamline your bills with Online Bill Pay. You can put your payments on autopilot and schedule them to pay the same day every month or you can manually schedule payments as needed. Either way, the service is free as long as you use it at least once a month. Otherwise, there is a $3 monthly fee.

If you use Online Bill Pay, you also have access to Popmoney ® personal payment service. Popmoney allows you to send money to anyone with just their email or mobile phone number. Best of all, other people can send you money too! So the next time you split the cost of a gift for your boss you can just send your share via Popmoney. If you buy concert tickets for the gang, they all can send your share to you! The cost is .50 per transaction for the person who sends the funds.

Save Time
Online and on your mobile device, you can save yourself time by checking balances, paying bills and keeping things straight. But did you know you can also save yourself a trip to the bank? Use our mobile app to deposit a check for just .50! You can do this by logging into your mobile account and taking a picture of the front and back of the check. CLICK HERE for complete instructions and details. (W/LINK TO WEBSITE)

Still write checks? You can reorder those online as well!

Keep Us Close
Keep us close – on your computer, on your mobile device, in branch or over the phone. You can also chat with our Customer Service Department during business hours. Just visit our website and click the Green Chat Now button to start a conversation!

Phew! That’s a long list! How do you use VCNB to simplify your life? Tell us in the comments section!

Mobile Money Sign-Up Is Easy!

As more and more customers are getting excited about banking on the go, we are getting a lot of questions about signing up for our Mobile Banking.

Our Mobile Banking App allows you to enjoy secure access to your bank accounts anytime and anywhere. That means you can pay bills, transfer funds and check balances from your mobile device quickly and easily. All you need to get started is a phone with text messaging or internet capabilities and online banking.

Here are the steps to getting started!

60 Second App Sign Up

  • Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Touch Banking.
  • Enter the app code VCNB1867 and your online banking ID.
  • Answer your previously set security question.
  •  Enter your online banking password.

Easy Browser Banking or Text Messaging Sign Up

  • Log in to Online Banking.
  • Select the Options
  • Click on Mobile Settings.
  • Enter phone number and have your mobile device on hand.
  • Choose either Mobile Browser Banking or Text Messaging.
  • Select accounts to view by phone.
  • Read and accept mobile agreement.

Look for a text message to confirm enrollment with a web site address. Save it to your favorites for browser banking.

Sounds easy, right? That’s because it is easy. If you want to learn more about Mobile Money click here to watch a video.

Standard messaging and data rates may apply when downloading or using Mobile Money.


Checking My Way: Flexible and Easy

Have you heard about our Checking May Way account? We really like the flexibility and options this account provides!

With Checking My Way, there is no minimum balance required and there are no fees for electronic statements. If you would like to have a paper statement mailed to you each month, the cost is $3 per month without check images and $5 per month with check images.

Checking My WayThe account comes with a standard debit card but for a $5 fee that can be upgraded to a vanity debit card.

Free Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking will help you to stay connect on the go and from anywhere you have internet access. Plus, Account Alerts can help you stay in the know about what’s happening with your account with various kinds of transactions.

Another great feature is Mobile Deposit which is available with our Touch Banking app. This allows Checking My Way customers to deposit a check by taking a picture of it with their mobile phone.

This is a terrific account for people of all ages and for anyone looking for an account that allows them choice in features. Are you ready to sign up? Click here to open your account online today! We also welcome you into our 13 branches to sit down with a New Accounts Representative and receive the personal service you deserve.

Products We Love: Mobile Deposit

February is traditionally a month for celebrating love. Here at the bank, we are loving one of our newest products ‑ Mobile Deposit.

Son And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Check

Mobile Deposit uses your smart phone’s camera to take pictures of your check and submit the images electronically to make a deposit into your checking or savings account. If you have a smart phone with an Android or iPhone operating system and  a camera, all you need is our TouchBanking app!

That means you can deposit your checks from anywhere that you have cell service.

We know that life is busy and sometimes it can be hard to find time for a trip to the bank. So while we love having customers fill our lobbies, we also love providing you with a service that simplifies your life.

Signing up for TouchBanking is free and is super quick and easy. Click HERE to read step‑by‑step instructions.

Once you are signed in to TouchBanking, here’s what you do to deposit a check:

‑ Click Deposits on your screen.

‑ Click New Deposit.

‑ Select the deposit account.

‑ Enter the amount of the check.

‑ Endorse the check “For Mobile Deposit only” and your signature.

‑ Capture a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check.

‑ Confirm all details and click Yes to deposit.

Please note, there is a .50 cent fee for each deposit and transactions are limited to $2,500 per business day. Also, normal data rates may apply.

We hope you will give Mobile Deposit a try the next chance you get. Want more information? Visit our website!



Sign Up For Mobile Money Today

Have you ever needed to make a payment or check an account balance at VCNB and wished you could do it from your smart phone? Now you can! Signing up for our Mobile Money is incredibly easy and can be done in just a few easy steps.

The first step to using Mobile Money is that you need a mobile phone with internet capabilities and you need to be enrolled in our online banking service.

Follow these instructions to get our Mobile Money app:

–       Go to the App Store or Google Play and download Touchbanking.

–       Enter the app code VCNB1867 and your online banking ID.

–       Answer your previously set security question.

–       Enter your online banking password.

Follow these instructions to enroll in our Mobile Browser Banking or Text Messaging.

–       Log in to Online Banking.

–       Select the Options tab.

–       Click on Mobile Settings.

–       Enter phone number and have your mobile device on hand.

–       Choose either Mobile Browser Banking or Text Messaging.

–       Select accounts to view by phone.

–       Read and accept mobile agreement.

Look for a text message to confirm enrollment with a web site address. Save it to your favorites for browser banking.

With just these few easy steps you will be ready to view balances, transfer funds, pay bills, deposit checks and do more with VCNB on your mobile device!

Watch this video to learn more about Mobile Money  or click here  to read frequently asked questions. Standard messaging and data rates may apply.

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