Be entered to win for using Popmoney ® payment service

Have you used Popmoney ® personal payment service yet? There are countless ways to use it and right now there are lots of opportunities to win a prize just for using it.

That’s because Popmoney will enter you in a daily drawing to win $100 a day when you use the service to pay someone!

Popmoney is a convenient tool available through VCNB Online Bill Pay. While Bill Pay allows you to pay bills to companies like your credit card or cell phone providers or to your doctor’s office, Popmoney allows you to electronically send money to individuals like your friends and family.

All you need is the recipient’s mobile phone number or email address. They will receive a text or email instructing them how to claim their funds to their bank account.

So the next time you’re out on the town and need to repay a friend for a movie ticket, don’t hit the ATM, send the funds using Popmoney and you will be entered in the $100 a day drawing. The next time your son at college needs a few bucks or you want to send a last minute birthday gift to your grandaughter you can do it quickly and inexpensively and have a chance at that daily prize.

Popmoney is available through VCNB Bill Pay which you can access through your online banking. At .50 per transaction, sending money through Popmoney is quicker, safer and more cost effective than sending a check through the mail.

So what are you waiting for? Login to your VCNB account today to get started!

Click here to Read Terms and Conditions.

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