Lynn Waters To Retire Friday

Ask Lynn Waters about her retirement plans and she radiates pure joy. That’s because she has just a few days of work left at VCNB and much to look forward to in her soon-to-be free time.

Lynn Waters began her VCNB career in 1996.

Lynn came to work at VCNB in the fall of 1996. She had stayed home with her two daughters when they were young and was looking for a job since they had gotten older and more independent. “I loved staying home and being a homemaker, mama and caretaker of our space. Music and walks in the woods and all the beautiful things of being a mama, I loved it all. But it was time to find a job,” Lynn explained.

Her daughter Melissa was a student and working at our Ross County Banking Center at the time. She suggested her mom might apply for a teller position. Thus, Lynn began her career in banking as a teller. She went on to work in Collections and then Customer Service before finding her niche working with the bank’s new overdraft program in 2005.

As Senior Accounting Processor, Lynn has a number of responsibilities but her biggest is in overseeing overdrawn checking accounts. “It’s a lot of problem solving and asking questions because you have to find the cause and look for a solution. Do you call the customer or have their personal banker contact them? Is it a repeated occurrence or is something out of the ordinary happening?”

When asked what advice she has for someone new to banking, Lynn talked about why it’s important for an employee in any job to take ownership of their work. “Do the best you can and learn the job the best you can. It’s important to take the time to learn it correctly the first time so you can do it right,” she said. “That’s the goal, isn’t it? To do the job correctly. We all make mistakes and just as important as learning the job is being able to own your mistakes and learn from them so they don’t happen again.”

As her final weeks of employment have been winding down, Lynn said that her attitude toward retirement has evolved. It used to seem so far off. Then it started to feel scary as the time has approached but now I’m getting excited!” she exclaimed.

That’s because Lynn has much to look forward to in retirement. She beams when she mentions her family, especially her grandkids who live in Chillicothe and Jackson. Her partner Dale will continue working so she plans to help him with some of his projects but looks forward to traveling after he retires.

Lynn plays the bass guitar with the Band Riff Street and wants to prioritize improving her musical skills. She enjoys the outdoors, getting her hands dirty and exploring the world around her. An avid fan of microgreens, she is setting up an area to grow them indoors so she can have year round access to these natural health boosters.

“I don’t want my life to be just one thing. I want it to be more and to have time for free days to do as I please but to also have days to spend time with my grandkids. They won’t be young forever and I want to take advantage of the time we have to make memories,” she said.

While she has much to look forward to, Lynn said she will miss the friends she has made over the years and that she’s glad for the career she had at the bank. “This has been a pretty good company to work for. The way they handled the pandemic and our workers has been great and I appreciate it.”

Lynn’s last day will be Friday and the bank will celebrate with a luncheon for her coworkers and family.

2 thoughts on “Lynn Waters To Retire Friday

  1. Lynn, congratulations on your retirement. You’re going to love it. Hope you and Dale get out on the road and enjoy those blues festivals around the country. We’ll see you there!

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