At Vinton County National Bank we are proud of our long history and excited about our promising future. Founded in McArthur, Ohio in 1867, we are a Bauer Financial 5-Star Rated Financial Institution. Since our founding in a small town storefront, we have shown tremendous growth and prosperity. Employing best practices has kept us strong.

One reason that we have prospered is that we were founded on basic principles that we hold dear.

We believe in the Golden Rule and like to treat people the way we want to be treated – with respect, dignity and fairness. We believe that our customers deserve the best products and superb customer service. We believe our communities deserve a bank that engages in and supports the things that matter most to the citizens. We believe that our employees deserve a first rate work environment. This is why our company was rated a Top Workplace by Columbus C.E.O. Magazine and 10TV.

We are a leader among community banks, offering the technology that our modern customer requires. Backed by customer service that is second to none, we are constantly seeking ways to improve and to better serve our customers.

Learn more at http://www.vintoncountybank.com or call 1-800-542-5004 to speak with someone about your banking needs.

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