Products We Love: Mobile Deposit

February is traditionally a month for celebrating love. Here at the bank, we are loving one of our newest products ‑ Mobile Deposit.

Son And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Check

Mobile Deposit uses your smart phone’s camera to take pictures of your check and submit the images electronically to make a deposit into your checking or savings account. If you have a smart phone with an Android or iPhone operating system and  a camera, all you need is our TouchBanking app!

That means you can deposit your checks from anywhere that you have cell service.

We know that life is busy and sometimes it can be hard to find time for a trip to the bank. So while we love having customers fill our lobbies, we also love providing you with a service that simplifies your life.

Signing up for TouchBanking is free and is super quick and easy. Click HERE to read step‑by‑step instructions.

Once you are signed in to TouchBanking, here’s what you do to deposit a check:

‑ Click Deposits on your screen.

‑ Click New Deposit.

‑ Select the deposit account.

‑ Enter the amount of the check.

‑ Endorse the check “For Mobile Deposit only” and your signature.

‑ Capture a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check.

‑ Confirm all details and click Yes to deposit.

Please note, there is a .50 cent fee for each deposit and transactions are limited to $2,500 per business day. Also, normal data rates may apply.

We hope you will give Mobile Deposit a try the next chance you get. Want more information? Visit our website!



Simplify Your Money on the Go

What if we told you there was a way to automate your finances, deposit a check and pay bills without picking up a pen or buying a stamp? What if we told you these services are available to all of our online and mobile banking customers?

These services are available any time of the day or night when you have internet or mobile phone access. From home, from the office or from your poolside vacation, if you have internet or phone service, you have the ability to manage your money at VCNB!

Mobile Deposit and Mobile Money – You can deposit a check, schedule bill pay, chSon And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Checkeck account balances and more using your smart phone at VCNB! Just download our Touch Banking mobile app and login to your account to get started. One of our newest services, Mobile Deposit, allows you to deposit a check with your smart phone. It’s as easy as taking a picture! There is a .50 cent per transaction fee. Also, you must endorse the check with your name and the phrase “For Mobile Deposit Only.”

Learn more about mobile deposit and mobile banking here!

Bill Pay – Have a fistful of bills and no stamps? No worries. Bill Pay allows you to schedule a single payment or ongoing payments for bills like utilities, the dentist and credit card. There is a $3 a month dormancy fee if you don’t use the service every 30 days but we believe you will fall in love with the convenience and cost savings and use it for all your bills. Think of the money you will save on stamps, checks and envelopes over a year!

Popmoney – Do you owe money to a friend or relative? You can use Popmoney ® personal payment service from VCNB Bill Pay to send them funds using just their email address or mobile phone number. There is a .50 cent fee for each transaction. Watch this video to learn more about Popmoney and Bill Pay!

Scheduled Transfers – Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to build your emergency savings but you’re not doing so great remembering to save the funds? Automate the process by setting up scheduled transfers from your checking to your savings! You can also schedule a single transfer at your convenience.

Account Alerts – Want to know when a check clears or when there’s a debit card transaction involving your card? Do you need a reminder when your mortgage is due or when funds are getting low in your account? Set up account alerts for free! You can receive requested alerts by text or by email.

We love to see our customers in our bank lobbies but understand that life is busy and you don’t always have time to come to the bank. Banking on the go will help you stay on top of your money anywhere, anytime! Visit us at to open an account, chat with customer service and learn more about all of these services today!

VCNB is Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Standard data and messaging rates may apply to mobile services.