Introducing New Popmoney® Features


Every time we think our Popmoney ® personal payment service can’t get any better….it does. All along we thought it was pretty great that you can send money to a person with only their email address or mobile phone number with Popmoney at VCNB.

Now you can also request funds from someone!

Say your roommate owes you for their half of the rent. You can enter his email address and send a note along with the request for funds. If you are out with friends and splitting the dinner bill, you can use just their mobile phone numbers to ask for their share of the bill.

When they send the funds, the money will be deposited in your checking or savings account, saving them from writing a check or handing over cash and you from making a trip to the bank.

It is incredibly easy to do from your computer or mobile device.

– From the Popmoney® window of Online Banking, click on “Request Money.”

– If it is someone who is already in your contacts list, just select them from the list. If it’s a new person, add their name along with either their mobile phone number or email address.

– Enter a fixed amount or leave the amount open so they can decide how much to send.

– State a purpose for the request

– Select the savings or checking account where you want the money to be deposited.

– Click next to review your request before hitting submit.

The recipient will be notified via text or email that they have funds waiting to be retrieved. They will follow a link, enter their bank account information and the funds will be deposited.

Please note that if the person answers the request and sends you money, there is a .75 per transaction fee deducted from the amount they send to you. In other words, if you request $20.00, only $19.25 will actually be deposited to your account.

The other big change released just this month is that you can now make same day payments. For a $9.95 fee, money can be sent and received on the same day. As always, you can make a regular payment for a .50 cent per transaction fee.

Want to learn more about Popmoney? Check out this post or visit our website.   Standard text message and data rates apply.

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