Four Ways VCNB Makes Money Easy

Give yourself a break this summer and learn how easy money management can be with VCNB.

The kids may be getting a break from school, but you still have to work and the bills need to be paid. Luckily, VCNB has some tools you can use to ease the burden of managing your money and even give you a break from worry.

Online Bill Pay

Simplify your financial life by paying your bills online – either by scheduling them on demand or by scheduling recurring payments. This way you’re sure not to miss a payment and can save your bill paying time for a little R&R!

Mobile App                                                                                                                     

VCNB Mobile enables you to check on your accounts and to bank from almost anywhere. From the beach, from the top of a Ferris wheel or from your couch on a much needed staycation, VCNB Mobile allows customers to transfer funds, pay bills, open accounts and more. The security of this app is top notch to allow for banking without worry.

Cash On The Go

VCNB belongs to the MoneyPass® network of ATMs. With 32,000 ATMS nationwide, VCNB customers can usually find an ATM not far from wherever they are in the country. Traveling for leisure or for work? Just tooling around town? Check out to find an ATM near you!

Earning Rewards

Summer can be an expensive time as you may be traveling, buying back to school clothes or entertaining more than normal. Earn points for your purchases every time you use your VCNB Rewards Checking account or your Visa® Platinum card. These UChoose® Rewards can be used to pay for travel, event tickets, gift cards, merchandise and more! Customers with VCNB Rewards Checking can even earn cash back for their regular spending when they register their debit card with UChoose!

Have questions about these and other bank products? Talk to your banker or find more details at!

Reward Yourself With Rewards Checking This Holiday Season

What’s on your holiday list and how much money will you spend? A VCNB Rewards Checking Account would reward you for all those purchases!

Tis the season of holiday spending and many savvy VCNB customers are ready to reward themselves while giving to others this holiday.

Think about how much money you spend during the holidays.

Maybe you’re buying gifts and stocking stuffers. Maybe you’re sending Christmas cards and need stamps and cards or family photos to share with loved ones. Do you cook special foods for holiday celebrations? Perhaps you leave a gift card for your mail carrier or use the holiday sales as an excuse to spiff up your wardrobe or update some things around the house.

Whatever your spending patterns this time of year, most Americans are spending money and a lot of it.

But our VCNB customers who use our Rewards Checking Account will tell you that they can pay for their purchases from their checking account while accumulating uChoose Rewards® points that can benefit them later.

It’s simple, really.

When you use your Rewards Checking account debit card, you will earn one point for every $3 spent. Use your card 21 or more times per cycle and receive an extra 200 points. You can also accumulate points for using Online Bill Pay, Direct Deposit and Automatic Loan Payments. We will even give you 1,000 points when you open the account and 500 points on your anniversary.

Sign into the uChoose Rewards website to find special offers for online purchases and for in-store purchases with offers you can activate.  

The website is also where you manage and redeem your rewards points. Here you’ll find it easy to request cashback or to order gift cards, arrange travel or shop for merchandise.

There are many benefits to using this account but also some important details to remember. First, there is a $7 monthly fee that is waived if you do one of two things – either make 15 or more debit card purchases per statement cycle or maintain a combined relationship of $5,000 or more with VCNB. That would include your personal checking, savings and CD balances.

Most customers find that they are easily using their card fifteen times per month.

Also, you must register your debit card on the uChoose website to begin earning rewards points. Purchases made prior to registering your card cannot be retroactively awarded points so be sure to get that done before you begin spending.

What are you waiting for? You can open this account online or visit any of our branches to have one of our Personal Bankers open it for you. Click here to get started!  

Already have Rewards Checking? We would love to hear how you use your Rewards! Comment below and tell us!

Embracing the Rewards Banking Lifestyle

In September we debuted a new product that seems to have taken on a life of its own. It has generated so much excitement that we have coined a new term: the Rewards Banking Lifestyle.

A Rewards Banking Lifestyle is the realization that every day choices can generate benefits for you in the form of UChoose® Rewards Points, redeemable for things you need and want. It’s when you think twice before using a different way to pay because your VCNB Rewards Checking Account gives you so many reasons to use VCNB products and cards.

If you are like the average American, you are already spending money. You’re paying the electric bill, buying groceries, filling your gas tank and buying shoes for your growing kids. What are you getting in return for spending your own money? Chances are you’re getting nothing except the satisfaction that your bills are paid and your family is fed.

When you are a VCNB Rewards customer, you have potential to earn rewards points for lots of your everyday banking habits. Rewards Checking customers earn points for dollars spent when they swipe their card for PIN and Signature purchases. They earn points for using Direct Deposit, Online Bill Pay, the Visa Platinum® Favor Card and other VCNB products. Essentially, customers who take advantage of our products will earn points each time they spend their money, pay a bill, get paid by direct deposit or pay a VCNB loan.

Rewards Checking Chart- Flier for new accounts

We recently talked about the amount of points an average customer might receive in a month. Click here to read that story.

Many of our customers like to receive cash back. Others enjoy receiving gift cards, travel experiences, event tickets and even merchandise. There is an extensive UChoose® Rewards Store that offers a variety of items.

Our employees began testing Rewards Checking a few months before we released it to the rest of our customers. We notice that many of them are taking full advantage of their point earning potential and looking for additional ways to earn more. In a lot of ways, they have pioneered the Rewards Banking Lifestyle.

A Rewards Checking Account, like all of our accounts, can be opened online or in any of our seventeen locations.

Click here for complete information on this account including fees and terms and conditions.

Earn More Points With Rewards Checking

Holiday shopping is in full swing and a lot of our Rewards Checking customers are having fun watching their UChoose® Rewards Points balance rise. In case you didn’t know, there are a number of special point earning opportunities to be found on the UChoose website. In fact, many vendors have special offers, some of which do need to be activated. These points are in addition to the ones you already are earning just for swiping your debit card when you spend.

These offers require activation:

CVS Pharmacy – Earn two points per $1 at CVS Pharmacy on purchases of $50 or more (maximum 10,000 Points). Offer valid through 12/31/2015. Points are added to your account within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Kohls – Earn two points per $1 at Kohl’s on purchases of $25 or more (maximum 10,000 points). Offer valid through 12/31/2015. Points cannot be earned when purchasing gift cards. Points are added to your account within 30 days of the date of purchase.

Papa John’s – Earn five points per $1 at Papa John’s on purchases of $25 or more (maximum 10,000 points). Offer valid through 12/31/2015. Points cannot be earned when purchasing gift cards. Points are added to your account within 60 days of the date of purchase.

When you login to your UChoose account, click on “Earn Points” in the bar on the left. In the drop down menu that appears, click on “Activate” to see the list of current offers. Also, be sure to read the offer details so that you can take full advantage of the offer and don’t forget to click the “Activate” button while you’re at it.

There are also lots of offers that don’t require activation. You just automatically receive the points when you make a purchase. To find the complete list, click on “Earn Points” on the left side of the screen inside your Uchoose account and look for “All Offers” in the drop down menu.

Learn more about Rewards Checking by clicking here.

Register your Rewards Debit card or Visa Platinum Card to begin earning points by clicking here.