Embracing the Rewards Banking Lifestyle

In September we debuted a new product that seems to have taken on a life of its own. It has generated so much excitement that we have coined a new term: the Rewards Banking Lifestyle.

A Rewards Banking Lifestyle is the realization that every day choices can generate benefits for you in the form of UChoose® Rewards Points, redeemable for things you need and want. It’s when you think twice before using a different way to pay because your VCNB Rewards Checking Account gives you so many reasons to use VCNB products and cards.

If you are like the average American, you are already spending money. You’re paying the electric bill, buying groceries, filling your gas tank and buying shoes for your growing kids. What are you getting in return for spending your own money? Chances are you’re getting nothing except the satisfaction that your bills are paid and your family is fed.

When you are a VCNB Rewards customer, you have potential to earn rewards points for lots of your everyday banking habits. Rewards Checking customers earn points for dollars spent when they swipe their card for PIN and Signature purchases. They earn points for using Direct Deposit, Online Bill Pay, the Visa Platinum® Favor Card and other VCNB products. Essentially, customers who take advantage of our products will earn points each time they spend their money, pay a bill, get paid by direct deposit or pay a VCNB loan.

Rewards Checking Chart- Flier for new accounts

We recently talked about the amount of points an average customer might receive in a month. Click here to read that story.

Many of our customers like to receive cash back. Others enjoy receiving gift cards, travel experiences, event tickets and even merchandise. There is an extensive UChoose® Rewards Store that offers a variety of items.

Our employees began testing Rewards Checking a few months before we released it to the rest of our customers. We notice that many of them are taking full advantage of their point earning potential and looking for additional ways to earn more. In a lot of ways, they have pioneered the Rewards Banking Lifestyle.

A Rewards Checking Account, like all of our accounts, can be opened online or in any of our seventeen locations.

Click here for complete information on this account including fees and terms and conditions.

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