College Bound? Financial Products You Need

Are you headed off to college this fall? If you’re like most college freshmen, you are probably worried about finding your way around campus and meeting your new roommate. But have you thought about how to access and manage money while you’re away?

Starting college makes you a bona fide grown up. That means you will need a checking account. After all, you will have some source of income – whether it comes from your folks, overage checks or a part time job – and will need a place to keep your money safe. The piggy bank your grandma gave you when you were four just won’t cut it anymore.

Here are some VCNB products that we think will help.

A shot of an asian student working on his laptop at the campusChecking My Way – This checking account is a great option for a young person just starting out. This account has no minimum balance requirements and there are no fees if you take electronic statements. It comes with a free debit card or the opportunity to upgrade to a vanity debit card for $5. With free access to Online Banking and Mobile Banking, you can access accounts, pay bills and transfer funds with your computer or mobile device.

Mobile Deposit – Use your mobile device to deposit paper checks to your account for just a .50 cent per transaction fee (and standard data rates). You simply use our mobile banking app and the camera on your device to take a picture of both the front and back of the check. It will deposit into your account, from anywhere in the world.

Online Bill Pay and Popmoney Use Online Bill Pay through VCNB Online and Mobile Banking to pay bills. No need to mail a check for your car insurance. Just sign into Online Bill Pay at VCNB to schedule one time or recurring payments. Another perk of Bill Pay is access to Popmoney ® personal payment service. Popmoney ® allows you to send and receive money to and from an individual. So if you owe a friend for pizza or if mom and dad wish to give you money, it can be done through Popmoney®. At .50 cents per transaction, it is quicker and cheaper than mailing a check.

General Purpose Reloadable MasterCard © – If you don’t trust yourself with a lot of money at once, a VCNB General Purpose Reloadable Mastercard © is a great way to pay. With this card, you load it with a specific amount. Once the money is spent, it is gone and there is no risk of overdraft.

If you are leaving the area for college and are concerned about ATM or branch availability, remember this: PIN and signature based purchases with your debit card are free. Any time you make a store purchase, you have the option of getting cash back. With just a small store purchase, you can get cash back for no fee. Also remember that mobile banking allows you to deposit checks from anywhere in the world and online/mobile banking make it possible to transfer funds, check balances and even pay bills with a few mouse clicks.

And at the risk of sounding like your parents, remember to be careful when it comes to credit cards. One of the first people you will likely speak to on campus will be someone offering you a credit card. We offer credit cards at VCNB but we encourage you to use this line of credit wisely. Use credit cards for emergencies rather than for daily purchases and be sure to not charge more than you can pay off in a month.

So before you head off to college, swing into your local VCNB office or check us out at Our New Accounts Officers would love to give you all the details on these products and on others that we think you can use.


Rev Up Your Road Trip With A New Account At VCNB

300x300 Telegram online VCNBAre you thinking about opening a new checking account? Now may be the time. We are currently offering a $150 bonus for anyone who opens a Checking My Way account online.

Why open a Checking My Way Account? Besides the fact we are offering you a bonus to open, this account is flexible and offers you choices to help make it your own.

With Checking My Way, there is no minimum balance required and there are no fees for electronic statements. If you would like to have a paper statement mailed to you each month, the cost is $3 per month without check images and $5 per month with check images.

All VCNB accounts provide customers with free Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking, allowing access while at home or on the go. Mobile Deposit will give you the option of depositing a check by taking a picture of it with your mobile phone.

We think this account has many great options and may be a good fit for you. Right now we are offering an online special for Checking My Way. Through our Rev Up Your Summer Road Trip special, if you open a Checking My Way Account online you will receive $100. Sign up for direct deposit and receive an additional $50.

Some limitations apply and a one hundred dollar deposit is required at account opening. To learn more, see the rules pictured below or click on this link to get started.

Terms and Conditions for Rev Up Your Road Trip UPDATED May 13


Checking My Way: Flexible and Easy

Have you heard about our Checking May Way account? We really like the flexibility and options this account provides!

With Checking My Way, there is no minimum balance required and there are no fees for electronic statements. If you would like to have a paper statement mailed to you each month, the cost is $3 per month without check images and $5 per month with check images.

Checking My WayThe account comes with a standard debit card but for a $5 fee that can be upgraded to a vanity debit card.

Free Online Banking, Bill Pay and Mobile Banking will help you to stay connect on the go and from anywhere you have internet access. Plus, Account Alerts can help you stay in the know about what’s happening with your account with various kinds of transactions.

Another great feature is Mobile Deposit which is available with our Touch Banking app. This allows Checking My Way customers to deposit a check by taking a picture of it with their mobile phone.

This is a terrific account for people of all ages and for anyone looking for an account that allows them choice in features. Are you ready to sign up? Click here to open your account online today! We also welcome you into our 13 branches to sit down with a New Accounts Representative and receive the personal service you deserve.

Simplify Your Money on the Go

What if we told you there was a way to automate your finances, deposit a check and pay bills without picking up a pen or buying a stamp? What if we told you these services are available to all of our online and mobile banking customers?

These services are available any time of the day or night when you have internet or mobile phone access. From home, from the office or from your poolside vacation, if you have internet or phone service, you have the ability to manage your money at VCNB!

Mobile Deposit and Mobile Money – You can deposit a check, schedule bill pay, chSon And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Checkeck account balances and more using your smart phone at VCNB! Just download our Touch Banking mobile app and login to your account to get started. One of our newest services, Mobile Deposit, allows you to deposit a check with your smart phone. It’s as easy as taking a picture! There is a .50 cent per transaction fee. Also, you must endorse the check with your name and the phrase “For Mobile Deposit Only.”

Learn more about mobile deposit and mobile banking here!

Bill Pay – Have a fistful of bills and no stamps? No worries. Bill Pay allows you to schedule a single payment or ongoing payments for bills like utilities, the dentist and credit card. There is a $3 a month dormancy fee if you don’t use the service every 30 days but we believe you will fall in love with the convenience and cost savings and use it for all your bills. Think of the money you will save on stamps, checks and envelopes over a year!

Popmoney – Do you owe money to a friend or relative? You can use Popmoney ® personal payment service from VCNB Bill Pay to send them funds using just their email address or mobile phone number. There is a .50 cent fee for each transaction. Watch this video to learn more about Popmoney and Bill Pay!

Scheduled Transfers – Your New Year’s Resolution for 2014 is to build your emergency savings but you’re not doing so great remembering to save the funds? Automate the process by setting up scheduled transfers from your checking to your savings! You can also schedule a single transfer at your convenience.

Account Alerts – Want to know when a check clears or when there’s a debit card transaction involving your card? Do you need a reminder when your mortgage is due or when funds are getting low in your account? Set up account alerts for free! You can receive requested alerts by text or by email.

We love to see our customers in our bank lobbies but understand that life is busy and you don’t always have time to come to the bank. Banking on the go will help you stay on top of your money anywhere, anytime! Visit us at to open an account, chat with customer service and learn more about all of these services today!

VCNB is Member FDIC. Equal Housing Lender. Standard data and messaging rates may apply to mobile services.