Community Bancshares, Inc. and Vinton County National Bank Complete Acquisition of The Citizens Bank of Ashville

Thomas D. Will, Chairman of Community Bancshares, Inc. and its principal subsidiary Vinton County National Bank, announced that the acquisition of The Citizens Bank of Ashville, Ashville, Ohio, was completed effective at the close of business on Friday November 14, 2014. The Ashville, Circleville, Grove City and Commercial Point offices of The Citizens Bank of Ashville have become branches of Vinton County National Bank (VCNB).

VCNB_V_CMYKWill said he is pleased the transaction is complete and is eager to welcome the employees and customers of Citizens to the VCNB family. “We are very pleased that we have completed our transaction with The Citizens Bank of Ashville. We appreciate the efforts put forth by the officers, employees and board members at Citizens to help facilitate the transaction and we look forward to continuing to serve the communities that have been served by Citizens,” he said.

Founded in 1867, VCNB is a community bank that takes pride in adopting community identities everywhere they do business. The Ashville, Circleville and Commercial Point offices will operate under the name Pickaway County Banking Center. The Grove City office will be called Franklin County Banking Center. VCNB is known for lending community support and for substantial volunteerism efforts among employees. Will indicated that employees in the new offices are eager to adopt this VCNB spirit.

Community Bancshares, Inc. is a bank holding company headquartered in McArthur, Ohio, with total assets after the merger of approximately $870 million and shareholders’ equity of $100 million. Vinton County National Bank now operates 17 offices in Vinton, Ross, Hocking, Fairfield, Licking, Pickaway and Franklin counties.

Embracing Holiday Charities

One of the things VCNB employees love most about the holidays is the charitable work that we do during this season of giving. Each of our offices embraces a local charity, something important to their community, every year at about this time.

Several of our branches are currently accepting monetary donations for local food pantries. In addition to accepting donations from customers and the public, the bank is also contributing. These monetary donations to our local food pantries not only stay in the community but feed a large number of our neighbors as well.

Customers can donate toys to Hocking County Children's Services by bringing an unwrapped toy to the Hocking Hills Banking Center.

Customers can make a child’s Christmas bright by bringing an unwrapped toy to our Hocking Hills Banking Center.

Some of our branches are focused on projects that relate to kids in the communities. For example, our branches in Wilkesville and Laurelville are accepting donations for their local Project Backpack programs.

Project Backpack sends non-perishable foods home with kids for the weekend. Things like apple sauce, microwavable soups, granola bars and pudding cups are popular donation items. You can either donate non-perishable food items or cash for this great cause. Our employees in these branches have been avid supporters of Project Backpack for many years and we are proud of the work they have done to support this much needed program.

Our Logan office is helping make Christmas brighter for kids in Hocking County by collecting toys for Hocking County Children’s Services. If you stop by that office, you will see a Christmas tree decked out in toys. Those toys along with others will be donated for the Children’s Services holiday program. While the bank is donating, and several of our employees have donated toys, the public is also invited to bring in unwrapped toys.

Our McArthur office embraces the holiday by raising money throughout the year to buy gifts for kids in need. That office adopts families through the Helping Hands project at Jobs and Family Services (JFS) in Vinton County. Employees participate in year round fundraisers and look forward to adopting families.

When JFS announced this year that it can no longer offer Helping Hands, a new group called Operation Christmas Presence formed to take its place. The staff in McArthur has signed on to help this new organization bring Christmas to approximately 200 local children. Monetary donations can be made to the Operation Christmas Presence account at VCNB.

By adopting families and helping to raise additional funds through various avenues, the McArthur office is excited to be part of this new community venture.

Want to get involved? Stop by your local branch to find out how you can become involved in VCNB holiday giving this year.




Keep Calm and Get $100!

Keep Calm Woman holding xmas presentsFeeling stressed this holiday season? At VCNB, we want you to keep calm. That’s why we are offering the “Keep Calm and Get $100” promo! For a limited time, new checking customers will receive $100 just for opening their account.

Consider it our gift to you: extra cash to help cover holiday expenses and the peace of mind that comes from doing business with VCNB, a bank you can trust.

To receive the $100 bonus, you must open the account online and deposit a minimum of $100 within thirty days of opening the account. You Terms and Conditions for Keep Calmwill receive the $100 cash bonus 45 to 60 days after making that minimum deposit.

This promotion runs through December 31, 2014. Current checking account customers are not eligible for this promotion.

VCNB is Member FDIC.

Personalize Your Debit Card

Show off your personal style with a custom debit card from VCNB! With just a few mouse clicks or swipes on your mobile device, you can have a debit card that reflects your uniqueness.

Vanity Card sampleChoose from the VCNB gallery of pictures or upload your own to create a card that truly stands out in your wallet. Many customers upload family pictures, vacation shots and even pet photos to make them smile each time they swipe their debit card.

If security is your concern, reduce the risk of fraud by adding your photo to your card. Adding your picture to the front of your debit card helps safeguard your account and keep your money safer.

Both personal and business cards can be customized for a $5 annual fee.

It takes about two weeks for your new custom card to arrive. The first time you order a custom debit card, note that your card number and expiration date will change. You will need to update any recurring payments or credits with the new account number and expiration date after activating your new card.

We do offer some tips for choosing appropriate photographs. You can read those by visiting the Custom Debit Card section of our website and by clicking “Image Requirements.” There you will find tips for successful customization and a description of image types that may not be used.

Are you ready for a stylish new custom debit card from VCNB? Click here to learn more and to get started!







What is a Christmas Club?

Have you heard about our Christmas Club? It’s an easy and simple way to save money for the holidays and we are signing up customers now.

Santa Claus with Armload of PresentsAt VCNB, this is a free savings account where we automatically transfer funds from your checking or savings into a separate savings account. You decide how much you want to save and we transfer the funds every two weeks.

You will receive a check for the amount you saved in October 2015!

This is a convenient way to save money gradually and to generate a nice nest egg. For people who find themselves with a mountain of credit card debt every January, a Christmas Club is an especially helpful tool for staying ahead of the spending game.

This year, customers who open a new Christmas Club or renew an existing club will receive a set of three silicone spatulas with a holiday theme. This free gift is our way of saying thanks for doing business with us!

Christmas Clubs can be opened for as little as $250 or for as much as you want to save. Open an account from the comfort of your easy chair by visiting our website or stop by your local office to get started.

VCNB is Member FDIC.



Winterization Can Save Money (Even If You Aren’t Handy)

Think you need a handyman to winterize your home? There are many small things you can do at your home today that will make a difference in your heating bill this winter. With heating costs forecasted to rise again this winter, every little bit will help.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Look for leaks Are there cold drafty areas in your home? Seek out these places and consider how you might seal or cover these drafty spots. A three dollar tube of caulking can be used to seal around windows and doors. Those storm windows collecting dust in the garage will do wonders to keep the cold air out. An inexpensive pair of lined curtains from a department store will also keep out a lot of cold air. New weather stripping around doors is easy to install and will make a huge difference as well. A window weatherization kit from a home improvement store is a small investment that could save you big bucks on your heating bill.

Bring the air down – Did you know that your ceiling fan operates in two directions? Counter clockwise rotation will generate a nice cooling breeze but clockwise rotation will produce warm air. Look for a small switch on the side of your fan.

Ditch the window A/C – Do you have a window air conditioner in your home? Chances are the cracks around that unit are allowing cold air to stream right into your home! The U.S. Department of Energy advises removing the unit for the winter. They say it can waste five to thirty percent of your total energy usage each winter month.

Consider your furnace –If you do nothing else, change or inspect your furnace filters once a month during the winter heating season. A dirty filter will impact the health and productivity of your furnace. If you have the money, also consider hiring a professional to seal and clean your ductwork every few years. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that about twenty percent of warm air is wasted because of leaks in ductwork.

Other things to do before winter hits:

-Cut the water supply to outdoor fixtures. Drain fixtures and garden hoses to prevent burst water pipes. Be sure to insulate the fixture and exposed pipe while you are at it.

-Take in or protect outdoor furniture, grills or other items you enjoy during the warmer seasons.

– Clean gutters to prevent clogs that might cause rainwater to back up and freeze. Freezing may ruin gutters by causing them to expand and crack.

– Create an emergency kit for your home and car. If the power goes during a winter storm it may be a while before the electric is back or until you can travel somewhere. Your kit should include a battery powered radio, a first aid kit, flashlights, candles and matches, bottled water and non-perishable food. Keep the same items in your car but be sure to add some warm blankets to the car kit.




Support Battle for Broad Street Blood Drive

As a community bank, one of the things we hold dear is community involvement. We encourage our employees to become involved and volunteer their time. We also believe that we should support good causes as a bank.

That’s why our Friendly Bremen Banking Center is again partnering with the American Red Cross to ask you to make the right play and donate blood!

Each year one of Licking County’s biggest rivalry games takes place on the football field. The “Battle for Broad Street” is the pigskin competition between the Licking Heights Hornets and the Watkins Memorial Warriors. While we have no say over what happens on the football field, we like to carry the competition over to the blood drive.

When you give blood that day, declare your support for one of the schools. The school with the most donors will receive a $250 donation from the Friendly Bremen Banking Center to their booster club!

The blood drive will be held on October 23 from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Friendly Bremen Banking Center in Pataskala (700 Corylus Dr., Pataskala).

To schedule an appointment, visit or call 1-800-RED CROSS. You can also schedule an appointment by calling our office at 740.964.5161.