Earn Rewards Points With A Visa Platinum Credit Card

Earlier this month we told you about Rewards Checking and how so many of our customers are accessing uChoose Rewards®. These rewards points can be redeemed for cashback to your checking account, gift cards, experiences, and other things simply by doing regular debit card spending and banking.

Today we’re going to talk about our Visa® Platinum Credit Card and how it can be used for earning rewards as well!

Here for You BadgeOur points savvy customers will tell you that having both the credit card and the checking account linked to the same uChoose Rewards account allows them to accumulate points more quickly. That’s because credit card customers earn one point for every dollar spent on purchases.

To earn points, you must register your card with the uChoose site. If you have both Rewards Checking and a Visa Platinum Credit Card through VCNB, be sure to link those cards to the same uChoose account to watch your points accumulate more quickly.

Click here for terms, rates and other important details about the Visa Platinum Credit Card. Note that customers who hold only the credit card are not eligible for cash back but can still receive all the other rewards including gift cards, movie passes, travel and merchandise. Receive 1,000 bonus points when opening a new Visa Platinum Credit Card account.

Contact your local banker or visit any of our branches to apply for a credit card or to learn more about uChoose Rewards and the Visa Platinum Credit Card.


Increase rewards earning with Visa® Platinum Card

Customers who have signed up for our new Rewards Checking account at VCNB will be pleased to know that their rewards earning potential increases when they also use a VCNB Visa® Platinum card.

We are overwhelmed by the number of customers – both new and old – who have taken advantage of our new Rewards Checking. With Rewards Checking, customers earn UChoose® Rewards Points for their regular banking habits and for their daily spending. Rewards Checking customers who also have a Visa Platinum Credit Card can earn even more points every time they use this credit card.

In fact, customers earn one reward point for every dollar spent in purchases on a Visa Platinum Credit Card. Purchases made with a VCNB Rewards Debit Card earn one point for every three dollars spent.

It is easy to track Rewards Points through a customer account on the UChoose website and redeem them for merchant gift cards, cash back, travel, hotels, movie tickets, merchandise and more. To be most effective, the debit card and credit card should be registered to the same UChoose account so the points will accumulate faster.

Want to learn more about Rewards Checking and a special bonus we are offering now? CLICK HERE for details. Thinking about a Visa Platinum, need help with your UChoose account or have other questions? We would love to hear from you! Contact an Account Representative at your local VCNB office or call Customer Service at 1.800.542.5004. You can also chat with us from our website!