Not Your Average Card

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You may receive a lot of offers in the mail for average credit cards but we are sure you haven’t received an offer for a card or rewards program like ours. In fact, we like to say that we have debit and credit cards that simply aren’t your average cards.

That’s because our Rewards Checking debit card and Visa® Platinum credit card work in tandem to reward you for your regular banking and purchasing activities. Those uChoose Rewards® points can be used for a host of things including cash back, gift cards, travel and merchandise. If a customer has both cards, those cards can be linked to one uChoose account to help the points accumulate more quickly!

Here’s how it works:
With Rewards Checking, customers can earn one point for every $3 spent as well as 200 bonus points for 21 or more purchases per statement cycle.  We also offer points for using Online Bill Pay, Direct Deposit and for automatic loan payments. Customers are even rewarded with 500 bonus points on the anniversary of the account! With the Visa© Platinum Credit Card, customers can earn one point for every dollar spent!

See what we mean when we say it’s not your average rewards program? That’s because we’re not your average bank.

Now through August 31 we are offering an exceptional summer special so that you can earn even more points just for signing up for Rewards Checking and/or a Visa Platinum Card.* Sign up for a Rewards Checking Account or a Visa Platinum Card between June 15 and August 31, 2018 and receive 5,000 bonus points. Sign up for both the credit card and the checking account during that period and you’ll receive 15,000 points!

Are you ready? Stop by your local office or click here to get started! 

*Credit restrictions apply. Not all applicants will qualify for this promotional offer.

Leverage holiday shopping to earn UChoose® Rewards Points

Ready or not, here it comes. The holiday season is just about here. A lot of retailers are already decorated and getting started on early sales. We always feel a little guilty about discussing Christmas before Thanksgiving but we feel a duty to help our customers prepare for this very expensive season before it arrives. After all, if you wait until December to save money and plan for Christmas, it will be too late.

Today we’re talking about how our Rewards customers can leverage more points during the holiday season. Our customers who are earning UChoose® Rewards Points with their Platinum Visa® card or Rewards Checking can earn points redeemable for gift cards, cash back and items each time they swipe these cards.

Platinum Visa customers will earn one point for every dollar they spend while Rewards Checking customers will earn one point for every three dollars when they swipe their card. Since Christmas is such an expensive time of the year, this is a great time to watch those rewards points add up.

Think about all the money you spend during the holidays. Most folks spend far more than they think when they add up all the extra things they do and buy between Thanksgiving and New Years. All that money you spend on making the holiday merry and bright could add up to something nice for you after the holiday!

Our friends at Nerd Wallet did extensive research last year and determined the average cost of Christmas spending per American city. In Columbus, the average family of four was expected to spend an average of $842.76. That’s for presents, food, holiday cards, decorations – the whole Christmas shebang. Click here to read the whole study.

Contact your local office to apply for a VCNB Platinum Visa card.* Also, if you are interested in opening a new Rewards Checking account or converting an existing checking account to this type of account, you can open in-office or online. At this time, we are even offering a promotion that offers bonus points to get you started. Learn more here.

*Credit restrictions apply.

Earn Points With Your VCNB Visa® Platinum Card

If you are a VCNB Visa® Platinum credit card customer, you are now earning UChoose Rewards Points. The UChoose Rewards program allows you to earn one reward point for every dollar spent in purchases on your Visa Platinum Credit Card.

Those points can be redeemed for tons of great merchant gift cards, movie tickets, merchandise, travel and other exciting products via the UChoose Rewards site. While you are automatically earning your one point per dollar, you must enroll at the UChoose website to view and redeem your points.

Also on this website you will find opportunities to earn extra points by spending money at your favorite merchants.

Some merchants offer you extra points for shopping in their stores or online. For example, through May 27, Kohls is offering three points per dollar if you spend at least $50 with them. CVS is offering two points per dollar when you spend $50. Payless is offering 15 points per dollar spent with no minimum purchase required. If you like Italian food, Bucca di Beppo is offering twenty points for every dollar spent in their restaurant with no minimum purchase required.

If you wish to take advantage of these extra point earning opportunities, merchants typically require a simple activation via the UChoose site.

These are just a few of the offers available at this time and they do change regularly. The best way to keep up is to periodically visit the UChoose site. You can check your points balance, find point earning opportunities at your favorite merchants and redeem those points from the website.

Register your card through the UChoose site  and watch your points add up!