VCNB Tips and Tricks To Keep Your Vacation Running Smoothly

School is letting out across our region and summer vacations are underway. You’ve packed the sunscreen, boarded the dogs and loaded the car but you might not have considered things you should do for your vacation finances. Whether you’re flying to Florida or headed to the mountains, there are some basic things you can do to keep your finances running smoothly and to insure you aren’t stranded somewhere with no access to your money.

Here’s a checklist of some things you can do:

  • Update Your Phone Number With VCNB – In recent years we have seen a spike in fraudulent activity. That’s why we have a talented team to detect and prevent this kind of crime. If we notice activity that’s outside of your normal spending pattern, our fraud department may turn off your card and call you to verify the attempted purchases. If you’re at a gas pump far from home and the only number we have on file is your home number, you won’t understand why your card isn’t working and we will have no way to contact you. PLEASE, take a moment to contact your local branch or our Customer Service Department and give us your mobile phone number.
  • Give Us a Heads Up – If you know you’re traveling, let Customer Service know where you’re headed. It takes just a minute and we appreciate hearing from you.
  • Plan A Second Form Of Payment – Always carry a second form of payment. We actually advise this even when you’re just tooling around town close to home but it’s especially important when you’re far from home. If you plan to use your debit card for primary spending, take a credit card, some cash and/or a prepaid card. VCNB offers credit and debit cards as well as prepaid and gift cards that can be used anywhere Mastercard© is accepted.
  • Download CardValet® – Knowledge is power, especially where your money is concerned. If you haven’t tried it, Card Valet is a fantastic way to keep up with activity on your VCNB cards and even to control how, when and where your cards can be used. With the Card Valet app, you can turn your cards on when you need them and turn them off when you don’t. You can also receive alerts whenever your card is used and place limits so that it can only be used at merchants you choose. You can even place spending limits on your card. This is free and easy to use! Look for CardValet in the app store on your mobile device.
  • Use Account Alerts– Another way to keep up with your money is to sign in to your online banking account and register for account alerts. You can receive a text or email whenever there is activity on your account, when your balance dips below an amount you decide and for a host of other reasons. Knowing how much money is in your account will help keep your spending under control and seeing activity on your account will help you spot unauthorized purchases. This is a free perk of online banking with VCNB.
  • Don’t Forget To Pay Your Bills – Being away on vacation doesn’t give you respite from paying bills. If you have bills due while you’re away, use Online Bill Pay to schedule payments while you’re gone. This is a free service of VCNB online banking, as long as you use it at least one time each month.

Vacation is supposed to be fun! Don’t let money, bills or card problems ruin your relaxing time away. Remember, VCNB Mobile and our are here whenever you need them! You can also call our Customer Service Department at 1.800.542.5004 during business hours.

Keep Your Debit Card Running Smoothly

We rely on our debit cards for nearly everything these days. Today we have two suggestions for how you can protect your card and keep your VCNB debit card running smoothly.

The first thing we want to discuss is CardValet. If you would like to have more power over your debit card, this is for you! VCNB recently rolled out this free app that allows you to apply spending restrictions and even turn your card on and off whenever you wish.

Alerts – Sign up for alerts with parameters you choose including amount, location and merchant type. For example, you can request an alert if your card is used at a gas station or if the purchase exceeds a set amount. Customers say the text arrives before they have even returned the card to their wallet.

Power Switch – One of our favorite features is that you can turn your card on when you’re using it and turn it off when you’re not. It takes just a moment and ensures that it can’t be used without your consent.

Geographic  – Limit the geographic area where your card can be used. Some customers choose to limit usage to their favorite neighborhood or even to require that their phone be present for the card to work. You can also turn off international usage.

Dollar amounts – Set limits for overall usage or for specific vendor categories. If you typically spend less than $100 at the grocery, set the grocery category limit for $100. If you need to spend more, simply change or remove the limit for that transaction. You can even limit the amount of any one transaction.

Vendor limitations – Parents will love using this feature! You can limit the types of vendors where your card can be used. Categories include restaurants, entertainment, gas, grocery and department stores. Give your teens the freedom to use your card for purchases they need but limit the places where they can spend.

Want to learn more? Watch a demo video in our Learning Center! 

Ready to use CardValet? Download the CardValet app from the Apple® app store or Google Play™ Once you have the app installed on your phone, it’s easy to register and get started. As always, we encourage customers to set strong passwords and to not share that information with others.  Multiple VCNB debit cards can be linked and customers will soon be able to use VCNB credit cards with the app as well.

The other way to keep things running smoothly is extremely easy – just keep your mobile phone number updated with VCNB. We ask for your cell number so we can reach you immediately if there’s a problem with your account. We hate to brag but we have a really good fraud department. If they detect something unusual happening with your debit or credit card they may restrict your card and call to confirm that you are indeed responsible for the purchase that raised a red flag.  Calling your home won’t help if you’re trying to buy something in a store. So give us a call or ask to update your number the next time you’re in the bank!

Take Control Of Your Debit Card!

VCNB just introduced a new feature that we think our debit card customers will really like. It’s called CardValet and it’s a free app to help customers take more control over their VCNB debit cards.

Some of our employees have been testing CardValet and one thing we hear repeatedly from them is they like being able to restrict where their card can be used. They also enjoy being able to completely turn off their card when they don’t need it. You read that right: you can turn your card on and off with the flip of a switch in the app!

Here are some popular features of the app:

  • Turn off international card usage
  • Set the geographic locations where the card can be used.
  • Restrict transactions based on merchant type
  • Set transaction amount limits
  • Receive alerts for certain transaction types
  • View card balances and recent transactions

Perhaps you want to limit the types of merchants where your card can be used. You can turn on and off several categories including gas station, grocery, restaurant, entertainment, travel and more. You can also set spending limits to deny a purchase over an amount of your choosing. If you are in the store and find you need to spend more than your CardValet limits are set for, you can simply log in to the app and set new limits.

Turning the card on and off is so fast and easy that you can keep your card off all the time and simply turn it on when you’re in line at the store and ready to use your card. Customers can also set a variety of alerts to let them know when their card has been used.

With the prevalence of fraud in the world today, we think many of our customers will be pleased to know that this control feature is available to them.

Ready to get started? Download the CardValet app from the Apple® app store or Google Play™ Once you have the app installed on your phone, it’s easy to register and get started. As always, we encourage customers to set strong passwords and to not share that information with others.  Multiple VCNB debit cards can be linked and customers will soon be able to use VCNB credit cards with the app as well.

Our employees are loving CardValet and we think you will too. Give it a try today!