VCNB Business Support Team Works For You

As a business owner, you need every dollar and every minute to work for you. Your bank also needs to work for you. Here at VCNB, we understand that and we provide a Business Support Team to help you with business problems and solutions.

We recently sat down with Monica DeLong, Vice President of Retail Accounts at VCNB, to talk about what sets VCNB apart in the world of business banking. She had a lot to say on this subject.  “Most banks offer basically the same products so the things you find at big banks or regional banks are the same products we have here. What sets us apart from all the others is the dedication we have to our business customers and the services we provide them,” DeLong said.

In fact, VCNB offers a dedicated support phone line that rings into the Business Support Team. “When they call, they will hear a familiar voice, someone they’ve likely worked with before and someone who understands their business and what they need,” DeLong explained.

Another thing that makes VCNB unique is the complimentary set up services and training provided by bank employees. “If you sign up for Remote Deposit Capture, we don’t just ship the equipment to you. We actually go and set up for you. We demonstrate it, we help you learn how to use it so you’re comfortable and are ready to make those deposits from the comfort of your office. The same goes with payroll. If you use our payroll services, we come to you and we train you to use it. Then we offer support if you need it later.”

She pointed out that VCNB is also one of the few banks that offers Rewards Points for business checking customers. These points can be earned by using bank products and a debit card. They can be redeemed for cash back to the account, making it easy for business customers to earn a little extra cash just for doing their banking.

Another quality that many customers appreciate is the flexibility in online and mobile banking. With online banking, the account holder can assign as many people as needed to use online banking and to see as much or as little of the online banking content as necessary. So the employee responsible for payroll can be given access only to the payroll portion of online banking while another employee may only be given access to wire transfers. Checks and balances can also be put in place so that one person initiates something but a second person has to approve it.

“It’s our service that sets us apart,” DeLong pointed out. “We want the entire relationship with the customer so we want to make sure the entire process is a positive one. You’re never just a number, you’re a name and we know who you are.”

Ready to move your business relationship to a bank that really wants to work with you? Find your closest branch here! 

Deposit Checks From Your Desk

As a business owner, you work hard to serve your customers, grow your business and earn a profit. Do you ever feel like the responsibility of it all is too much? What if VCNB could relieve some of this burden?

At VCNB we offer a product called Remote Deposit Capture. Designed to save you valuable time, Remote Deposit Capture allows you to make check deposits from your office 24-hours a day, seven days a week.

This convenient feature of the Premier Business Checking Account makes bank deposits extremely easy and convenient for our hard working business customers.

A scanner and set-up service are provided with a two year contract. We also provide product training and a dedicated customer service line for our business customers. Backing up our business products with great customer service is important to us and to you.

Once you scan and submit your checks, the deposit will memo post after review is completed. If no review is needed, items will post as soon as the batch is delivered.

While we love to see our customers in our bank lobbies, we understand that it may be easier for you to deposit checks from the comfort of your office. Learn more and receive full terms and conditions by calling Business Customer Service at 740.596.3496 or by contacting a New Account Representative at your local banking center.