Resource Roundup: Free Fun For Kids

Schools have been closed for a while and many of you parents have made a great effort toward entertaining and educating your kids. We have some good news. Big name attractions and a few you probably haven’t heard of are making some resources available for free!

Read on for some resources we think your kids will enjoy and you may even like them too!Here for You Badge

The Kennedy Space Center is offering free science lessons about rocketry for kids and teens via Facebook Live! The videos are archived on their page or you can watch along live every day. Parents even have online access to activity sheets and experiments. There are sessions for young kids as well as high school aged students.

Does your older child dream of someday being a Disney Imagineer? Disney is now offering something called Imagineering in a Box, a free course that features 32 videos showcasing real Imagineers from around the world. They share their skills and passions and give some insight into the magic of Disney.

Closer to home, the folks at COSI are delivering family friendly videos and hands on science through videos on their website. You can follow them on Facebook or sign up for an email that provides a weekly digest of upcoming activities.

Even the Peanuts gang is getting in on the action, offering activities and fun for grades K- 8.Learn about space, celebrate spring, reinforce a positive mindset and focus on goal setting with Snoopy and the gang!

Are your kids readers? The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress invites kids and people of all ages to discover the books available on their website. Among other things you’ll find an interactive version of Aesop’s Fables as well as classic literature for all ages.

Why does soap make bubbles? Can a turtle live outside its shell? Does your child have a lot of questions? Mystery Doug has the answers! Sign up to receive a free weekly email that answers these questions and more!

Scholastic Learn At Home offers some free lessons to keep kids reading, thinking and learning. Find free resources for all ages as well as some tips for parents who are homeschooling for the first time!

When all else fails, who doesn’t like to color? Find hundreds of free nature themed coloring printables here!

There are tons of videos and websites out there now, all devoted to keeping youngsters engaged and learning while having fun. These are just a few. Do you have a favorite? Tell us about it in the comments!

Backyard Fun For All

Summer vacation will be here soon. With it will come a chorus of exclamations from your kids – they are bored. What will they do for fun today?

For some families, time or money won’t allow for a vacation this year. Fortunately, there is a lot of fun to be had in your own back yard if you just go looking for it!

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Take a Hike – Look to community and state parks for trails filled with trees, wildflowers and wildlife. Here you will find recreation and pretty scenery.

Visit a Farmer’s Market – Most communities have them and you never know what you’ll find. Help your kids learn where their food comes from while supporting local farmers.

Take a Picnic – Whether it’s at a scenic park or in your own backyard, family picnics are fun! Dining al fresco is especially fun if you pack a Frisbee or some other outdoor game.

Pick Your Own – Seek out a pick your own patch of fruits or vegetables. Pick your own berry patches are especially popular.

Take a Bike Ride – Dust off your bikes and go for a little ride. Everyone will have fun and it’s great exercise!

Hang Around – Spend an afternoon at the school or community playground. What’s more fun than monkey bars and swings?

Look for “Discount Days” – A lot of museums, parks and other attractions offer discount tickets or even free admission certain days of the week. Check out their website or call to see if there are any offers available.

Plan a Movie Night – Too hot to go outside? Prepare a few snacks and watch your child’s favorite movie!

Schedule a Photo Shoot – Give your kids some props and let them ham it up for your camera! They will have fun playing around and you’ll have some great pictures to remember the day.

Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive or far from home. Look around your neighborhood and see what’s available and appropriate for your family. Look to your local Chamber of Commerce or Visitors’ Center for guidance as well.