Helping Paws Update

Earlier this year we told you about a pet project of the staff at our Hocking Hills Banking Center. After realizing the ever growing need of the Hocking County Humane Society, the staff wanted to help.  First they went shopping on the bank’s behalf and donated a carload of food, litter and other supplies. Then they put out a donation container and a list of items needed and watched the donations begin to come in.

The Humane Society rescues abused and neglected animals, helping animals big and small, including dogs, cats, horses, bunnies, goats and other creatures that need a safe place. The shelter is run by volunteers and operates on a shoestring budget.

Humane Society Grace and Julie with donations 2016

Hocking Hills Banking Center employees Grace Delong and Julie Romine are avid supporters of the Hocking County Humane Society. They are pictured with the donation bin inside the bank lobby. Donations of cash or items are welcome.

Branch Manager Autumn Warthman said it all began because some of her employees volunteer with the Humane Society and they had remarked on the tremendous need the organization faces every day. With their shelter at capacity and resources stretched thin, the office staff wanted to do more.

So the staff put out a collection box for cash and change, as well as a list of items needed and a place to put them. Donations immediately began rolling in.  So far, they have delivered items at least four times and have collected almost $400 in monetary donations.

Warthman believes bank customers appreciate the opportunity to help less fortunate animals in the community. “A lot of them are pet friendly and they are loving that they can help this way. I’ve been shocked and grateful for the generosity so many people have shown,” she explained.

She indicated that bank employees are loving it too. “Two of our employees volunteer there and some of us have adopted pets from there so we have a nice relationship with the Humane Society. It has been uplifting to see how so many people really do care.”

She said a story in the Logan Daily also gained the project a lot attention, encouraging not just HHBC customers but all of the community to give. Needed items include everything from food and cleaning supplies to old towels and newspapers. See below for a complete list of requested items.

Warthman said there is an ongoing need for money, supplies and volunteers and that the office will continue accepting donations indefinitely.  Follow the Humane Society on Facebook  and click here to read our first story on this project.

Hocking County Humane Society Donation List

Lending A Helping Paw

Humane Society Autumn with donation

Hocking Hills Banking Center Manager Autumn Warthman poses with some items the bank recently donated to the Hocking County Humane Society.

Last month we asked VCNB employees to submit pictures of their pets to be posted on our Facebook page for Love Your Pet Day. We learned that many of our employees are devoted pet parents who love to talk pets. That started a conversation at our Hocking Hills Banking Center about an organization in Hocking County that could use a helping hand and we decided to get involved.

Branch Manager Autumn Warthman explained that the Hocking County Humane Society is in constant need of donations and that her staff wanted to call attention to the need. “Two of our employees have adopted dogs from the Humane Society and three of them volunteer there,” Warthman said. “Grace, Tammy and Julie all volunteer there every week and they know the need better than anyone.”

The Humane Society accepts only abused and neglected animals and takes practically any kind of animal that needs rescue. Right now they are home to dogs, cats, bunnies, goats and horses. They do not accept strays or surrendered animals.

Operated locally by a volunteer staff, this non-profit organization accepts donations of time, money and supplies. Warthman said the bank recently donated a carload of food and supplies and is inviting customers to donate items as well. She said they will have a donation area inside the bank from now through June. “If they want to make a donation, no matter how big or small, they can just bring it into the bank and we’ll deliver it to the Humane Society.

“Most of our employees are animal lovers and we feel compelled to help the Humane Society help these neglected and abused animals. It’s heartbreaking when you think about it. The Humane Society does a great job helping every animal they can but their resources are stretched thin. It’s expensive to keep them all fed and under roof and we just want to help,” Warthman said.

Donations will be accepted during regular bank business hours through the end of June. Bank staff will regularly deliver donations to the Humane Society. To learn more about the Humane Society or to get involved, call them at 740.380.9109 or visit 36960 Hocking Dr., Logan.

See below for a list of items the Humane Society needs at this time.

Hocking County Humane Society Donation List