Just For Fun: Fall Inspiration

Fall Leaf Jumping

Fall arrives in just a few days, bringing with it shorter days, cooler evenings and a lot of opportunity to enjoy seasonal fun. For families, there are countless things to do – both inside and out!

Ohio residents are fortunate to have countless state parks and forests as well as several community parks to enjoy. Take your family on a little hike through the woods to enjoy the fall colors, get some exercise and soak in your natural surroundings.

Take a Hike. There are tons of parks in Ohio.
Rake leaves and…. jump in them! Need we say more?
Pack a picnic and spend the day at the park.
Make art with fall leaves.
Plant an indoor herb garden.
Tell scary stories.
Visit a pick-your-own orchard and then make apple pie together!
Decorate a pumpkin.
Find a local corn maze, haunted house or fall festival. There are several in Ohio!
Explore the outdoors with a Nature Scavenger Hunt.
Toss a ball around your back yard.
Have a family photo shoot. With a digital camera or phone camera, it’s free to let everyone take turns snapping pictures.
Plant bulbs for spring flowers.
Tailgate at your local high school football game.
Load everyone in the car and leaf peep!
Write down or talk about what you’re grateful for every day.
Cozy up with popcorn, hot chocolate and a favorite movie. “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” comes to mind.

Does your family have a favorite fall tradition? We would love to hear about it! Tell us in the comments section below!

Fall Means Fun For Everyone

Fall is almost here, bringing with it cooler temperatures, brilliant fall leaves and an open invitation to go outside and enjoy Mother Nature. Fall also provides ample opportunity to have fun with your significant other or entire family without breaking the bank.

Central and Southern Ohio are fortunate to have miles of walking and hiking trails in state and metro parks for people of all skill levels to enjoy. This is a free activity that’s good for your health and a great opportunity to enjoy the foliage and fresh air.

playground kidsIf you have little ones, a trip to the park is always a great way to pass a Saturday afternoon. Pack a picnic and turn the kids loose on the playground equipment. While you’re outside, if it’s a windy day, remember that kites aren’t just for spring. Fall winds provide a perfect opportunity to fly a kite. An inexpensive department store kite and an open area on a windy day can provide entertainment for kids of all ages.

If indoor activities are more your speed, think about creative ways to enjoy being inside. One great way to do that with kids is to camp inside. Whether you have a real tent or just blankets to drape over chairs, the kids will love their new tent or fort or whatever you choose to call it. Make it really special by baking cookies, playing games or watching a movie the entire family will enjoy.

Another fun way to enjoy fall indoors is to make a pot of chili and invite friends over to watch the big game. Set up a chili bar with fun toppings and ask your guests to bring a dessert to share.

Fall is great time to get out and play or to cozy up indoors without spending a lot of cash. Leave a comment and tell us your favorite fall activity!