Cost Cutting Tuesday: Television

Television.  It’s an amazing invention that brings the world into your living room with just a click of the remote. It can take you on an African safari, give you a front row seat at Carnegie Hall and take you to midcourt of your favorite basketball game. It’s entertaining and a terrific time killer.

It’s also a budget buster if you allow it to be.

Fortunately, there are some opportunities to trim costs in this department.

TV Remote ControlBuy an antenna – If you don’t watch a lot of TV and are happy with local channels, a simple HDTV antenna could be the solution. They are inexpensive and a great option for those who just want the basics.

Cut back on channels – How many channels do you really watch? Take a look at your package and consider cutting back. Basic packages typically include the most popular channels so you may not miss anything. If you actually watch those premium channels and see value in having them, there are other options.

Watch for deals – Satellite and cable companies tend to run a lot of promotions to attract new customers. However, these promotions are sometimes available to existing customers too. Check out their website and watch the mail for coupons and offers. If that doesn’t work, call customer service and ask if there are any deals available.

Shop around – Consider your options. Is there another cable provider in your town? Have you considered satellite TV? Often times, these companies offer better packages for your needs, discounted introductory rates or other promotions to attract new customers.

Go online – Many shows can be streamed online for free or for a monthly subscription. If you have reliable internet, using these online resources may be the way to go.

Bundle UpBundling your TV service with phone and internet may save you a few bucks without sacrificing the amount of channels you have to choose from. Ask your provider if this is an option.

Digital Media Players  –  Using the power of the internet, these set top box-like devices allow you to stream live content or watch programming on-demand at your convenience. Roku, Google Chromecast, and AppleTV are popular choices, but did you know that your gaming system may serve as a streaming device as well? Smart TVs are an option and are becoming more the ‘norm.’ The most popular channels tend carry a minimal monthly fee in the range of $5-$10, but there is also an abundance of free content. Purchasing a few must-have channels in addition to the free programming could allow you to cancel your cable or satellite subscription altogether!

Trimming just $10 a month can save you $120 a year and $25 would add up to $300 in a year.  It’s tough to remember sometimes but the little things really do add up in a big way.