Money Superstitions Around the World

Everyone could use a little extra luck, especially where money is concerned. That may be why people in nations across the globe hold dear a host of superstitions regarding money and fortune. Here are a few of those superstitions to give you some food for thought today.

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In Argentina, the superstitious believe that finding money on the ground is a sign that more money is on the way.

Argentinian superstition states that finding money on the ground is a sign that more money is on the way. But that good fortune can be reversed by spending the found money or by returning it to the rightful owner.

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Some Chinese people believe that keeping a dish full of spare change in the kitchen will make them prosperous.

The superstitious in Turkey believe that holding gold in your hand in a dream means you will earn money in real life. They also believe that a scratched right palm means you will spend money while a scratched left palm means you will receive money.

In nearby Greece, it is commonly believed that money attracts money. They believe that having a single coin in your possession will help you find good fortune. However, completely emptying your pockets, wallet or bank account will bring you very bad fortune. If you give someone the gift of a new wallet or purse it is best to include a few coins to prevent them from being empty from the beginning. Russian superstitions support this belief that you must never give an empty wallet or purse. Russians also believe that scattering coins in bags and cupboards around your home will attract more money. Careful though – if someone picks up these coins from your home, the process will be reversed!

The people of India believe the elephant brings good luck. Symbolizing luck and great wealth, the elephant is often worn as jewelry and prominently displayed.

Chinese people have many beliefs and practices related to money. One example is that they believe keeping a dish full of spare change in your kitchen is thought to make them prosperous.

Several cultures, including Lithuanian, believe that you should never place your wallet or bag on the ground or your hat under the table. These acts mean that you will have no money in the future.

Finding an egg with two yolks means that you will become wealthy, according to superstitions in the Phillipines. If you wish to lure money your way, Puerto Rican folklore says you need only to burn a cinnamon stick. Making a cross on the floor after you pick up found money will bring even more money, according to Mexican tradition.

Do you believe in superstitions?

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