Shareholders Convene For Annual Meeting

The role of family and community was the theme of the Community Bancshares, Inc. (CBI) annual meeting on Tuesday evening. Shareholders attending the meeting enjoyed a family style feast and received positive reports from CBI and Vinton County National Bank.

Chairman Thomas D. Will welcomed shareholders and their guests, informing them that 2014 was a year of growth. “Last year, at this meeting we spoke about the need for more growth. With the addition of the four offices of the Citizens Bank of Ashville we certainly did grow.   We now have a strong presence in Pickaway County and a good start in Grove City,” Will said. “This new expanded market area gives us plenty of opportunity to grow in the future.”

Will also welcomed the new Ashville customers to the VCNB Financial Family and went on to describe evolving customer expectations in the banking industry and measures CBI and VCNB are taking in 2015 to meet and exceed those demands.

He then turned the gavel over to CBI Secretary/Treasurer Ben Crow who informed shareholders that total assets grew 12.5 percent in 2014 to $844.4 million. The book value of CBI stocks is $70.29 per share, an increase of 2.9 percent.

Vinton County National Bank President, Ronald Collins presented the state of the bank and outlined goals for the coming year. Among the goals, Collins said the bank plans to improve performance in all seventeen existing offices while maintaining the identity of a hometown community bank. “It’s very important to keep the hometown image. It’s easy to say but hard to do,” Collins said. “We want to be a good corporate citizen and to be a good neighbor.”

Head of Lending Mark Erslan presented awards to eight outstanding lenders for their performance in 2014. Brandon Cottrill, Lori Cramer, Shawn Fosnaugh, Donna Kopis, Trisha Kyer, Jeff Thacker, Andrea Elliott and Brenda Fee were recognized individually for their work in lending.

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