Shred Days Set For Spring

Some of our banking centers will offer Shred Days this Spring. This free service is meant to help our customers safely dispose of important documents that shouldn’t fall into the wrong hands.

Many people don’t realize that throwing a piece of paper into the trash could jeopardize their identity and their future. That is because there is no way of knowing what happens to a bag of trash once it leaves the home and documents with personal information could make them a prime candidate for identity theft.

One way to safeguard yourprivacy is to shred paper and plastic documents with information you don’t want someone else to access. That is why we offer Shred Days!

Documents you definitely want to shred include anything with a signature, account number, social security number, legal information or medical information.

Examples might include:

– Credit card offersStack of Files and Papers

– Tax information

– Old photo Ids

– ATM and credit card receipts

– Statements and bills for credit cards, utilities and medical treatments.

– Bank statements and cancelled checks.

– Check stubs

– Investment statements

– Other important personal documents


2014 Spring Shred Days will be held:

April 26   –   Salt Creek Banking Center   –    9 a.m. to noon

May 3   –   Canal Banking Center    –   10 a.m. to noon

June 7   –    Bremen Banking Center – Lancaster West Fair   –   10 a.m. to noon.


Shred Days for other offices will be planned for fall. We will gladly take up to five boxes per customer at each event. The box limit exists to prevent long lines and to ensure that we do not exceed truck limitations. We look forward to seeing you at Shred Days this year!

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