Teaching Children To Save

Thanks to Central Elementary Principal Teresa Snider for hosting us during Teach Children To Save Month!

Thanks to Central Elementary Principal Teresa Snider for hosting us during Teach Children To Save Month!

Every spring our McArthur office sends people into the elementary schools in Vinton County to talk with third graders about saving money. We do this because April is Teach Children To Save Month and because teaching these basic principles to young people is one way to give their personal finances a great start.

Teach Children To Save is a national program that organizes banker volunteers to help young people develop a savings habit early in life. We typically speak to third grade students and their teachers at West, South and Central elementary schools in Vinton County.

We talk to the kids about what a bank does and why someone might need to do business with us. We talk to them about savings accounts, why they might someday want to borrow money and even how a bank does business.

We also tell them a story and help them with a math worksheet, demonstrating how one child saved money for something she really wants while another child spends her money on small items instead of saving for the big goal. At the end of the lesson we talk about whether it is better to be a spender or a saver and then answer all their questions about banks and about that day’s lesson.

It is a thought provoking day for both the students and their banker teachers. We often marvel at the questions these young students ask and look forward to the school visits every year.

Staff from our Friendly Bremen Banking Centers also visit schools in their area for similar programming every spring.

Are you a teacher or a principal? Would you like to have a banker visit your students? Contact us so we may make arrangements!

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