Quiz Time: Bill Pay Basics

We recently had a customer tell us that he wouldn’t use Online Bill Pay because he doesn’t want to lose control of his bills. That started us thinking about Bill Pay and the misconceptions circulating about this service. Test your Bill Pay knowledge with this short quiz:

When scheduling an Online Bill Pay payment, payments can be scheduled for:

a.) Just one time.

b.) To be recurring for as long as I like.

c.) Both A and B. 

The answer is C! You can schedule a single payment or a year’s worth of payments! Whether you want to schedule a payment every month or whether you want to put these things on auto pilot, Bill Pay can accommodate your needs.


One of your payees isn’t on the VCNB list of payees. What do you do?

a.) Call the bank and complain.

b.) Just write a check like you normally would.

c.) Spend a few seconds entering that payee’s information into your Online Bill Pay Account.

The answer is C! Entering your payee’s information into your Online Bill Pay Account takes just a few minutes and it is saved forever. You only go to the dentist twice a year? That’s ok! Her information will be saved and waiting for you when that next cleaning comes around!


The cost for Online Bill Pay is:

a.) There is no charge if you use it!

b.) Very unreasonable.

c.) Three dollars a month

d.) Both A and C

The answer is D! If you are registered for Bill Pay, this service is free as long as you make at least one payment during the calendar month. If you do not meet this minimum requirement you will be charged a three dollar fee. That’s just one bill paid per month to keep the service free!


Once your bill is paid, records of the bill are:

a.) Accessible online for up to seven years.

b.) Gone with the wind.

c.) Are kept for just a few weeks.

The answer is A! You can search your complete bill pay history for up to seven years! You may search by company, date or status. If you aren’t certain whether you paid your electric bill, the answer is a click away.


 Online Bill Pay can be used to pay:

a.) Established businesses

b.) People

c.) Both

The answer is C! Use Online Bill Pay to pay all your regular bills like credit card, utilities and car loan. The Popmoney ® personal payment service feature allows you to pay friends and family using just their mobile phone number or email address. (An additional .50 per transaction fee will be charged for Popmoney.)

Want to learn more about Online Bill Pay at VCNB? Click this link to watch a tutorial. Then log in to your online banking to get started!

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