Back to School Tips for You

Back to school time is upon us and that means another nine months of rushing and stressing to make sure homework is done and everyone is at their respective school and work on time. At VCNB, we love easy tips to improve our quality of life and to keep things running smoothly.

It seems the key to starting the school year off on the right foot may lie in organization.

You’ve invested in a lot of supplies and clothes and shoes for your kids so you don’t want them to be lost. We recommend that you label your child’s possessions. Put their name in or on their lunchbox, book bag, binders, band instrument cases – even their jackets and gym clothes. There’s nothing worse than replacing a lost lunchbox or trying to track down a new book bag.

Before you ever send them out the door, think about how you can streamline your morning routine and what you can accomplish at night instead. One way to get prepared the night before is by packing lunches and laying out clothes. Also make sure all the homework is complete and forms from school are signed and ready to return. You can even set the table for breakfast and put out any non-perishable food items you will need in the morning.

Speaking of the night before, go to bed earlier than normal during the school year. It’s easier for kiddos to learn and to behave well when they are rested.

Organization also helps at the end of the day when everyone is tired from a long day and ready for some down time. Remember how hungry you were after school? Have a snack ready for them in the car, at home or at the sitter’s house to hold them over till dinner. A simple snack will improve their mood and prevent you from swinging into a drive thru just to keep them happy. Also work with your kids to finish homework and complete other tasks to make the morning run smoothly.

One last thing. Teach your child a password that only you and they know. That way, if your child is approached by a stranger claiming that mom or dad sent them, they will know it’s a trick if the stranger doesn’t have the password.

Comment if you have tips for making the school year run smoothly!


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