Earn Gift Cards With Rewards Checking

Last year VCNB partnered with UChoose Rewards® to offer a new and improved program for earning rewards points using the VCNB Visa® Platinum credit card. This month we introduced a new product called Rewards Checking that allows our customers to earn rewards points on debit card transactions and other banking behaviors. Customers can link their Rewards Checking and Visa Platinum cards on one UChoose Rewards® account to accumulate points more quickly.

We have been elated with customer response to Rewards Checking and the new opportunities to earn points. We’ve told you about how to earn points  but we haven’t talked about all the ways you can redeem those points.

Cash back, gift cards, event tickets and travel expenses are among the things customers can receive when they redeem points. Today we’re talking about some of the gift cards that are available at this time.

Gift cards are available for a large variety of restaurants, retail stores, gas stations, entertainment, electronics and travel. Here are just a few:

Rewards Gift Card Artwork

Phew! What a list! If you’re a Rewards Checking or VCNB Visa® Platinum customer, be sure to log in to the UChoose Rewards website and take a look at the rewards you can earn. The number of points necessary to redeem for a gift card varies depending on the value and type of card. For example, a $25 Applebee’s or Kohls gift card will each cost 2884 rewards points while a $50 Walmart card will cost 5974 points.

Visit us online or in your local office to open an account or to learn full account details. Already have a Rewards Checking account but need help registering for UChoose Rewards? Call our customer service department at 1.800.542.5004 or contact your local office.

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