Money Smart: What To Buy Now

June is known for weddings, Father’s Day and early summer fun. But did you know that this month is also a great time to snag deals on purchases big and small?

Here are a few things that are typically great buys in June:

Man Lifting WeightsGym Memberships. Summer tends to be a slower season for gyms. Most of us have long forgotten our New Year’s resolutions to lose weight and get fit. Those who remember those promises often take advantage of the nice weather and head outdoors. This means you can find great deals at a lot of gyms. Remember, as the season heats up you may soon be grateful for their air conditioning!

Flatware, Plates and Glasses. June is traditionally known as a big month for weddings. Popular gift items like plates, eating utensils and glassware go on sale this month, making it a terrific time to buy a gift for the happy couple or for yourself.

Tools. Dads everywhere are drooling over circulars from their favorite tool stores and hoping their kids notice the great deals to be had on power tools. Whether for dad or for yourself, this is a great opportunity to grab some deals.

Selecting Paint ChipsPaint. The weather is warmer and that means it’s home improvement time! Both interior and exterior paints will be on sale throughout this month so be sure to stock up for your next project.

Leftovers. Anything Graduation or Father’s Day that didn’t sell this year will be deeply discounted. If it isn’t dated, like that #1 Dad apron, it would make a great gift for next year.

In-season items like gear for gardening, camping, biking and swimming are competitively priced. As are bathing suits, sandals and summer clothes. Watch for the big discounts on these items at the end of season though.

While we never would encourage you to buy things you don’t need, we do encourage you to look for deals on those items you do need. Why not take advantage of those deals and steals?

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