CBI Annual Report

Each year, Community Bancshares, Inc., the holding company that owns Vinton County National Bank, produces an annual report. This report includes the financial state of the bank as well as stories about the bank and topics that are relevant to us today.

Read the full report by clicking the link below. You can also scroll down to find some information and pictures that didn’t make it into this year’s finished product.

2018 Annual Report Cover2018 Annual Report




A Biography of a President: Ron Collins

Ron Collins stepped down as VCNB President in December 2018. In the annual report you’ll find a story about his decision to adjust his role here at the bank. Here’s some background information on Ron, just the ninth VCNB President since 1867.

Ron bio




In Pictures: Cook’s Creek Golf Club

Cook’s Creek Golf Club is a family owned business located on US Rt. 23 north of Circleville. We profiled this business in the Annual Report this year but wanted to share more pictures than we could publish in the book. See the slideshow below for images of this beautiful golf course and of events that have taken place here.

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Learn more about Cook’s Creek Golf Club in this year’s annual report or by visiting their website.






Drinking Up the History Of Ski

bottlesIf southern Ohio had an official drink it would most certainly come from Gem Beverages in Wellston. The longtime family business has been distributing Ski and Gem Brand drinks for decades, delighting generations with their unique flavors and colorful packaging.

Are you familiar with Ski? If you haven’t tried it, Gem Beverages owner Rex Holzapfel says you don’t know what you’re missing. Read about it here! 





In Pictures: VCNB Renovations

Please pardon our dust is a phrase often used at VCNB offices right now as renovation projects are underway at several branches. Check out some pictures here!



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Grove City

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