Small Business Spotlight: Mighty Voice Printing Apparel & Graphics

Being a small business owner is a tough job. That’s why we spotlight a different business each month to help you learn about unique businesses in your own back yard.

Chad and Michelle Noggle are lifelong residents of Ashville, Ohio.  They have busy full time careers they love but when an opportunity arose last year to purchase a ten year old existing business, they decided to take a leap of faith.

The Noggles took over the business last November and renamed it Mighty Voice Printing Apparel & Graphics. The business offers an array of services including direct to garment, vinyl, screen printing, yard signs, banners, trophies, plaques, awards, and even car magnets.  What they believe really makes them stand out from other like businesses is their ability to do custom work.  This work is no easy feat with custom shirts averaging about four hours of work for one design.  Using programs like Corel and Illustrator the Noggles can recreate ideas that customers see on social media outlets such as Pinterest.   “We will take your idea and create the art,” Chad said.


Michelle and Chad Noggle stand with some of the ready made merchandise available in their store.

With no prior knowledge in this type of business, they encountered an early learning curve.  But the self-proclaimed novices are quickly perfecting their craft as they go and say the business has grown rapidly in just under a year, now employing a manager, an outside sales agent, and freelance graphic designers. They are constantly working with the local schools to design custom shirts for the football student sections and they sell those shirts at a deep discount to students.  They also keep a stock of ready-made items in their shop at 286 Long Street in Ashville.

Customers generally learn of the business by word of mouth and often come from as far as an hour away for their services but they welcome business from anywhere.

For more information contact them at 740.983.3069, email , visit them on Facebook or stop in their store at 286 Long Street, Ashville.

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