Keep Your Debit Card Running Smoothly

We rely on our debit cards for nearly everything these days. Today we have two suggestions for how you can protect your card and keep your VCNB debit card running smoothly.

The first thing we want to discuss is CardValet. If you would like to have more power over your debit card, this is for you! VCNB recently rolled out this free app that allows you to apply spending restrictions and even turn your card on and off whenever you wish.

Alerts – Sign up for alerts with parameters you choose including amount, location and merchant type. For example, you can request an alert if your card is used at a gas station or if the purchase exceeds a set amount. Customers say the text arrives before they have even returned the card to their wallet.

Power Switch – One of our favorite features is that you can turn your card on when you’re using it and turn it off when you’re not. It takes just a moment and ensures that it can’t be used without your consent.

Geographic  – Limit the geographic area where your card can be used. Some customers choose to limit usage to their favorite neighborhood or even to require that their phone be present for the card to work. You can also turn off international usage.

Dollar amounts – Set limits for overall usage or for specific vendor categories. If you typically spend less than $100 at the grocery, set the grocery category limit for $100. If you need to spend more, simply change or remove the limit for that transaction. You can even limit the amount of any one transaction.

Vendor limitations – Parents will love using this feature! You can limit the types of vendors where your card can be used. Categories include restaurants, entertainment, gas, grocery and department stores. Give your teens the freedom to use your card for purchases they need but limit the places where they can spend.

Want to learn more? Watch a demo video in our Learning Center! 

Ready to use CardValet? Download the CardValet app from the Apple® app store or Google Play™ Once you have the app installed on your phone, it’s easy to register and get started. As always, we encourage customers to set strong passwords and to not share that information with others.  Multiple VCNB debit cards can be linked and customers will soon be able to use VCNB credit cards with the app as well.

The other way to keep things running smoothly is extremely easy – just keep your mobile phone number updated with VCNB. We ask for your cell number so we can reach you immediately if there’s a problem with your account. We hate to brag but we have a really good fraud department. If they detect something unusual happening with your debit or credit card they may restrict your card and call to confirm that you are indeed responsible for the purchase that raised a red flag.  Calling your home won’t help if you’re trying to buy something in a store. So give us a call or ask to update your number the next time you’re in the bank!

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