Products We Love: Mobile Deposit

February is traditionally a month for celebrating love. Here at the bank, we are loving one of our newest products ‑ Mobile Deposit.

Son And Father Using Mobile Phone To Deposit Check

Mobile Deposit uses your smart phone’s camera to take pictures of your check and submit the images electronically to make a deposit into your checking or savings account. If you have a smart phone with an Android or iPhone operating system and  a camera, all you need is our TouchBanking app!

That means you can deposit your checks from anywhere that you have cell service.

We know that life is busy and sometimes it can be hard to find time for a trip to the bank. So while we love having customers fill our lobbies, we also love providing you with a service that simplifies your life.

Signing up for TouchBanking is free and is super quick and easy. Click HERE to read step‑by‑step instructions.

Once you are signed in to TouchBanking, here’s what you do to deposit a check:

‑ Click Deposits on your screen.

‑ Click New Deposit.

‑ Select the deposit account.

‑ Enter the amount of the check.

‑ Endorse the check “For Mobile Deposit only” and your signature.

‑ Capture a picture of the front and back of the endorsed check.

‑ Confirm all details and click Yes to deposit.

Please note, there is a .50 cent fee for each deposit and transactions are limited to $2,500 per business day. Also, normal data rates may apply.

We hope you will give Mobile Deposit a try the next chance you get. Want more information? Visit our website!



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